Alternative Truth

As told by Donald Trump, Uber and Lyft

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women; Mr. Trump has been a proponent of Alternative Truth since taking office, almost three (3) years ago, plus all the practice he got while campaigning. Uber and Lyft alternative truth is: trying to justify why they are overcharging the riders and underpaying the drivers. 

Mr. Trump’s Wall: To people with commonsense  and logical thinking knows the wall is for his ego, and 57 percent of Americans have acknowledge this. A real president would used the resources and the expertise in all areas that has any input on the safety and security of the Southern Borders. Since he realize the Mexican Government was not going to do his bidding, He should have validated his claim and get the backing of the agencies responsible for the Border Security; instead he wanted to run it as president of Trump Enterprise, where his word is the deciding factor.   

Uber and Lyft  two (2) of the top Rideshare Companies,  started out as a great idea, that was welcome by the Riding Public and Contract Drivers, who went in partnership with them, with an 80/20 ratio; after a few years that ratio was changed to 75/25, principles and integrity was still in the relationships. Now the companies have gotten greedy, and since there is no Regulatory Agency governing them, they have changed the ratio to  55/45 or whatever ratio they choose. From me recently they took 66 percent and I got 34 percent. this is what it look like:

 The Rider paid $16.59, I got $5.58 and Uber got $11.01. I was not able to show the driver’s  $5.58 on the invoice, so you do the math. Lol.

I called them 3 time, they hung -up on me twice. They gave me a lot of alternative truths for their calculation. I’m still angry with what they are able to get away with. Quitting won’t solve the problem. It needs to be dealt with. Drives in many states are in courts, litigating the problem.   

I called the Taxi and Limousine Commissioner, they don’t regulate rideshares. I called my City Councilman, he said Uber and Lyft has a right to charge what they want, he was no help. I called my senator, the General Assembly is in session. I called the AG Office: Mark Herring’s and left a message. I  then sent a copy of the invoice in question to Wavy 10 On Your Side. 

I have not heard back from any of my contact, but this just happened. If rideshares are not regulated Virginia, then I think they should be. I will not be asking anymore of my friends to join Uber and Lyft, until their principals and integrity rejoin their ranks. I will keep you abreast of how this plays out. So stay tune.