Truth Based on Fact

Alive In The Sand These are the Southern Facts, are we ready to an we deal with the Truth:  Women In Black Face.

GMW,  until we start having dialogue, we are going to forever be trying  to find someone or something to place our conscious on,  when it rears its ugly head.A group of people sitting around each other with their hands in the middle.

For everyone calling for parts of Virginia’s Executive Members to resign, what side of the line are you on? A police officer and his dog are on the street.Were you a victim of the south or a perpetrator.

One side does not have a reason to relive those conditions and one

side has to look  in their soul. Racism was taught

I feel confident speaking  for Ralph and Mark today, they have forgiven themselves for their past, and by their action currently, are doing everything in their power to create a better America for all Virginians and America;  Are you; or are you still trying to finding find someone to make you fell better about parts of the Jim-crow south,  you were apart of that reality or the good person who looked away? Can we talk and keep it real?

My greatest desire is for us, to realize we have a problem, and we can only begin to mend it, by first being willing to mend ourselves; which is the greatest journey, that trip inside of ourselves. Please be prepared to  stay only a few minutes at first; otherwise you won’t want to go back, out of fear.A split picture of two people.These pictures, are some of the ugly facts of our past, that we must deal with in order to heal, and make America Great Again!!
Can We Talk?