A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Rosa Parks Sat down as one woman and changed a nation. We must stand-up as one and save our nation

GMW Of America: The Truth Will NEVER BE A LIE…

  1. Truth: Open Enrollment For ACA Health Plans Extended,But Only For 36 Hours. The GOP would like to see The Affordable Care Act Fail.
  2. Truth: Trump says Ukraine’s work By Giuliani,â€was done out of love.â€
  3. Truth: At least 11 lives has been lost in the Mid-west, as winter storms threaten millions of Americans.
  4. Truth: Our  constitution States: The House Prosecutes and the Senate is the Jury; Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell has already made their decisions!!
  5. The epicenter for opioids is West Virginia with the highest rates of overdoses accounting for 41.5 deaths per 100 000 people.
  6. Violence in our schools among students is rising.
  7. Too many adults are beginning to behave like undisciplined children, from the highest office of the country; our children are watching.
  8. Guns, drugs and suicide are still the number One (1) killer of our children.
  9. Our teachers needs to be better compensated for the very important work they do; it’s as important as parenting.
  10. Parents; our children needs us to be parents, and give them the tools for choosing their friends.  

These are facts,  not Alternative Truths. 

GMW: We have to unite our country, save our children and bring Bipartisan Leadership back to America with; integrity,principles, Good manners, diplomacy, caring and simply, treating others as we wish to be treated. The Golden Rule.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Our Babies-Our Future

How shall we accomplish this, you ask?  With Our Power Of: Our God, Our â™¥ï¸, Our Dollars, and Our Vote…

Plus, Grace, Mercy and Favor. 

In Jesus’s Name we step out in Faith.