The Senators should let their Conscious cast their votes!!

GMW the state of our leadership in Washington is atrocious;  we can, and must do something about bringing  dignity, honor, integrity and moral standing back to Washington; The Oval Office and the Senate has become a joke, and the House doesn’t look that good either.

A collage of men in suits and ties.
The  115th GOP  Senate

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s  name should have been removed from consideration, after the hearing on Thursday.

Women, girls and  young boys have been sexually abused and mistreated by the Majority Gender on the senate for so long and remained quiet, until our male counterparts feels entitled, and now they are angry because we have the audacity to say, ”we’re not going to remain quite anymore,” and allow them to be rewarded for that behavior by elevating them to positions of power.

A collage of many different people in suits and ties.
The  Democratic 115th

Grandmothers, mothers and women,  every tool in our box has to be utilized. Our Vote, Our Dollars Our Love and Our God.  We love what the Senate  stands for, the values this country was built on to much, than allow this mockery to continue.

The Senate  has become a Chess Game; what the  majority of American think and want is no longer relevant  to 115th Congress.

Grandmothers, mothers and women each of our 50 states has 2 senators, My state of Va. has Mr. Tim Kaine and Mr. Mark Werner.  Mr. Kaine is on the ballot November 6, 2018,  

GMW, If Judge Kavanaugh gets his seat, then we should vote our hearts in November 2018. GMW we have power, let’s use it in Jesus Name, I pray.