Norfolk’s School Board Election

Norfolk Schools Board Of Election:  MAY 1, 2018

GMW,  We as voters often do not know our elected school board member’s name or responsibilities, and turnout in local school board elections is usually very low. On my May 1, 2018 we are going to change that by being informed  and voting with knowledge for the sake of our children and teachers.

Your school board is your community’s education watchdog, ensuring that taxpayers get the most for their tax dollars.

  1. Public education is a $423 billion business.
  2. School boards have taxing authority.
  3. Direct oversight—and responsibility—should not be given to politicians whose first priority is something other than education.
  4. if those schools are not producing, it’s our rights and responsibilities to select new board members who will see to it that our students and our schools succeed.

The Norfolk School Board has five (5) seats up for election, with 12 excellent  candidates  running. In order for us to do our part in making sure we put the right candidate in those seats we need to really know who they are.

Those seats are in ward 1 thru 4, and today we will meet the 2 candidates in Ward One (1). 

A woman with short hair and pink shirt smiling.
Nicole Carry for  Ward -One-School Board
A woman standing in front of a wooden wall.
Adele Martin-Ward One- School Board





And, three  candidates in Ward Two (2).

A man in a suit and tie standing outside.
A woman standing in front of some trees
Brittany Shearer WARD 2 SCHOOL BOARD
A woman in a black jacket and blue shirt
Tanya  Bhasin   WARD 2 SCHOOL BOARD

Our children can no longer afford for us to do business as  usual. We have to change the rules, by putting people at the tables to address our issues, and we must hold them accountable. In order to accomplish this we have to be engaged, starting with being at the polls, May 1, 2018.  Using the power of our vote.