A crowd of people wearing pink hats and holding up peace signs.

GMW, I think it’s horrific the way the leaders of the House and Senate is Allowing #45 to demean the Oval and put our country in harm’s way, while #45 spends his time on Twitter, instead of dealing with the real issues facing our country and the world; especially China.
I hold Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan responsible for #45’s Radical Behavior. Now , It’s a reflects on their lack of leadership; there is no leadership from the Oval Office, only pettiness, childlike behavior and abuse of power.
So many of the GOP’s are falling all over themselves trying to justify the negative behavior of #45 and his Alternative Truths’.
As for Amoroso, except for the womb she was knitted together in, she could just as easily be the daughter of any mother of color. She did thing we didn’t approve of, even giving up her Black Card. We are the only one who can revoke or return that privilege to her. We denounced her behavior not our love; nor did we label her: A crazed crying lowlife, dog.
Number 45 is an insult to dogs, he wants to be the Mafia-Don over the most powerful nation in the world. Running the Oval Office is just too much power for his mind. He epitomizes the Bull in the China Shop. He should be careful about what he wish for others.
I’m praying my Democrats Party will concentrate on what the American People really want, and let the GOP finish destroying themselves.
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