Lets Keep Our Eyes On The Midterms, Not Mar A Lago.


A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
VP: Kamala Harris, 1st Lady: Jill Biden

GMW: (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), We must turn America Blue in the 2022-Midterms. We’re in the final stretch to November 8, 2022 Elections. It’s imperative we use our power to rights some wrongs against us, that we will not tolerate. Our Greatest Power and voice is: Our First Lady:Jill Biden and Our VP:Kamala Harris. 

They are women at the top of our political food chain, with megaphones that needs to be heard. Combine that with the power each of us has, Our: Votes, Dollars, God and Love. This is strictly a woman’s responsibility. because we all know,†When Mom is not happy, no one is.  And, Row v Wade reversal has not made us happy. The GOP not voting for the Baby Formula was bad, but not life threatening, but voting against making Insulin affordable for all Americans, is unforgivable because that’s a life and death situation, which they totally understood, as expressed by Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa. We know it’s women that determine elections and we really need to turn-out and, show-out in the mid-terms.

GMW, We cannot afford to be distracted my #45’s new presidential violation. We must remain focus on turning AMERICA BLUE. Giving Congressional Democrats an opportunity to breathe life into the Senate, so they can pass Bills the House has already passed. Which will enable Baby Boomers (those born at the end of their cycle), and Generation X downward an opportunity to be ready for 2024; With candidates from their generation. 

President Biden and #45 has had their time in our Oval Office. GMW, if we don’t have enough qualified candidates under 65 to run for political office in 2024 on either side of the isle, we have a bigger problem then we’re addressing. I said both sides of the isle because, giving Congress a Democratic Majority in 2022, will enable them to get some laws in place that would set a precedence for the new leaders in 2024, to Bipartisanly change or amend laws and bills.

Washington has to get back to law and order, where our Constitution and Democratic Systems sets the standard for behavior, setting examples for the rest of the country to follow.

#45’s New-GOP-Leadership, (has drink the Jim Jones Cool-Aid), is unable to do anything except defend their leader, who only knows how to play Checkers in a room full of Chess Players, Even his lawyer, can only play checkers. His other lawyers are in jail or on the way, which is where he should be soon. You really needs to be carefully about what you wish on other people. Nine-times-out-of-10, it will come back and bite you on the butt.

I really don’t understand how so many intelligent people have allowed themselves to be, Bamboozle by such an incompetent person. Who filed bankruptcy six times, tries to overthrow our government (January 6),told the country, “Take Clorox to fight COVID-19. He has no concept of what integrity, honesty, principles and compassion stands for. That’s the motivation for America being turned BLUE.Nine times out of 10, it will come back and bite you in the butt but

Vote for the GOP if you want, “45 and his peons, telling you and your doctor what should happen with your body.