Gov., Cuomo, Democrats and The Me Too Movement:

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW). Allegations without facts

GMW: It’s appears the Democrats will eat their own faster than any other party.  What has happened to trial by a jury of our peers. Not allegations being  treated as facts. With all of the vile and despicable,things #45 did and said, he was only Impeached after he violated the Constitution and instigated a riot on our capital.

Governor Cuomo should not resign, he should serve out his term and let New Yorkers, either vote him in again or out in 2022.  It’s déjà vu of what happened in Virginia. But GMW and Virginian supported our officials, not resigning. 

Democrats in New York, you know in your heart, this is a Political Power Struggle.  Governor Cuomo has served 3 terms, its hard to believe he became a monster over nite. I lived most of my life in NY, and all my friends there, like most New Yorkers wants to see him serve out his term. What Governor and all leader made mistake trying to deal with COVID-19.  So, please focus on issues like passing HR1. While you’re’BS’ with Cuomo the GOP has passed over 250 voter suppression laws; Dem., you need to get your priorities in order.

Ladies we need to be more accountable, and stop waiting 5 to 10 years before deciding some high-powered man or woman sexually assaulted us. if it was verbal, respond back as a woman, who will not tolerate disrespect from anyone, then report it to HR. If it was physical document it with the police. Documentation of the violation should be available, if we want to us it to destroy someone’s life. Attaching your complaint to a political bank-wagon should not be allowed after a year. We’re beginning to make the ‘Me Too Movement’ look sinister and manipulative. 

The Me Too Movement needs regulation, it has become almost a tool of just allegations without documentation, and persons accused has no recourse; except trial by public opinion. Sometimes, there’s no fury like a woman’s scorn. All of us love the men in our families, and would not want to see them subjected to false allegations. If such charges are proven, then let the chips fall where they may.

?This we pray in the name of Jesus?