Grandmothers, Mothers and women (GMW):  To our white GMW in particular and  Black and Brown GMW in General, Ladies, we have to stop abusing,â€The Me Too Movement Agenda, “ or it’s going to lose its validity, if it hasn’t already.  We Are Not Angry Black Women!  We need to be supportive of each other, without labels.

We are not angry, we address inappropriate behavior as it happens, so we don’t become victims; and carry it for years, then address it in five or ten years, with feelings of having been victimized. All women have or have had very good reasons to be angry. For example: The right to decide with our doctor only, what we wish to do with my body!!

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Inappropriate sexual behavior from man or woman, makes us Spontaneous, we will most-times address it in real time, or speak to them in private, as soon as possible, so as not to make a scene, if we don’t have to, then report the matter to HR and the police for documentation, if necessary, then get on with our lives. 

The scenario being played out with Governor Cuomo in New York, is a scenario that has gotten tired. Ladies, if we want a  seat at the table, with the responsibilities that goes with it; then we must be able to address any and all situations that disrespects us as women, in real time or, in your time. 

Allow yourself to be called, “An angry White women,†then  wear the label as a badge of respect. Without apology!!

White men are not the only ones allowed to get angry, shoot-up and killed hundreds of people or terrorize our capital.

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