To All Democratic Incumbents and Candidates; Motivate Your Base And We Will Get you there. We can Repeat 2020; which was not Fraudulent.

We need Democrats in charge now, because, Our Lives, Planet, and our Democracy depend on it.â€Â 

Colorado Republican turns Democrat over ‘existential threat’ from GOP…In letter announcing defection, state senator Kevin Priola cites political and environmental threat from his erstwhile party

To candidate Val Demings, GMW, saw you today on MSNBC Morning Joe’s show, celebrating your well fought-for and earn race. And, we’re happy for you, but, we were quite disappointed that, “Not once did you mentioned reversal of Roe v Wade. Unfortunately, you started your speech with a platform that is not going to help you get Rubio’s senate seat. We are expecting all of our female candidates in particular, to make Pro Choice a priority in their platforms.

 GMW (Grandmothers mothers,and women) wants America to know, “We have power and we’re going to use it.†We are not going back to back-alley abortions, nor having our daughters force to give birth, after being raped by strangers or family members (incest). Both behavior forced on them by men, who has the Audacity to tell us we must have these babies.

We need Democrats in charge now, because, Our Lives, Planet, and our Democracy depend on it.†

The GOP’s obstructionist agenda, their focus on power by any means necessary is beginning to look Authoritarian: January 6 attempted Coup, reversal of Roe v Wade,the GOP wanting to defund the FBI, because they did their job; getting back important documents taken by and X-President who has no integrity, and spearheaded a coup against our democracy.  Just to name a few reasons.

Now GOP is in backrooms perfecting Schedule F. Which they had in place for #45’s win in 2022. Biden got rid of it. But they are hoping to implement it again in 2024.

GMW: Google a summary of SCHEDULE F, if you are not already familiar with it.


Republicans claim to be pro-national security but blaming the FBI instead of Trump, clearly shows how much they put politics over country. 

The Director of DOJ: Merrick Garland, appointed by Biden. The FBI Director: Christopher A. Wray, appointed by Trump.

The Police, The DOJ and the FBI are very necessary for the protection of our country, and our every-day lives. For example:

Breonna Taylor’s  murder was not in vain, because, of the DOJ’s investigation; Current and Former Louisville, Kentucky Police Officers are Charged with Federal Crimes Related to her Death.

According to Vanity Fair; MITCH MCCONNELL VOWS TO BLOCK BIDEN’S ENTIRE AGENDA JUST TO BE A PRICK.  The Senator from Kentucky is “100%†focused on obstructing anything that might actually help Americans. 

All 50 Republican Senators votes against the, Inflation Reduction Act. They showed no regard for their constituents need for affordable insulin.

They know the dire need of voters, but they have no desire to meet them. As, if only Democrats needs insulin.

GMW in Hampton Roads, and Norfolk in particular, the city I lived in, and love for 18 years. We have to collectively find a solution, to get guns out of the hands of our sons and daughters, replacing them with survival tools. They are losing and taking each other’s lives at an alarming rate. Norfolk is not the only city with Gun Violence, but, it where I lived for a very long time.

GMW, let’s each of us make it our mission, to make sure all  eligible High School Seniors and College Freshman are registered to vote, and those out of state students are prepared to vote absentee, or whatever their state policy is.


GMW as far as Student forgivenesses goes, it’s impossible to please everyone. So many Americans had no problems being willing to pay for a Southern Borders Wall, and giving billions of tax credits to Rich People, and corporations.

Some student Loan Forgiveness, will enable some them to buy insulin and food.

We’re also Turning America Blue, for all victims of Assault Weapons.

GMW: We have a leader for guidance, who can do all things, except fail. Jesus Christ. Amen