50 Days To Midterm

Protecting Pro Choice-The Right To Choose

GMW (Grandmothers,Mothers and Women), has embraced the platforms of the following organizations and join in coalition with them to turn America Blue in 2022: 

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Log Cabin GOP

Agenda PAC, 

When We All Vote,

League of Women Voters,

  Defenders Network

Black Women In The United States & Key States,

Stop The Violence, Higher Heights,

Center for Reproductive Rights

We’re all defending the right of women to decide when to become a mother, and the rights of each of us to marry whomever we choose to love. We’re defending our Democracy and helping turn America Blue in 2022 and, Building Back A Better America.

Turning America Blue will enable Democrats to expand our Senate majority and federally protect reproductive freedom by codifying Roe v Wade.,

To codify Roe for all Americans, Congress would need to pass a law that would provide the same protections Roe did—so a law that says women have a right to abortion without excessive government restrictions.

Codifying Roe,Federally Protect Reproductive Freedom, Senate Majority, Turn America Blue2022,Excessive Government Restrictions,The Right To Choose.

On a state level all GMW of Virginia is focusing on District 2 and  district 7. making sure US Rep, Elaine Luria, (pro choice) goes back to Washington, because her opponent Jen Kiggins, applaud the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade. 

The Majority of the GOP Has been back-peddling their Conservative Agendas to appear more liberal for the national election. Most are trying to distance themselves from the reversal of Roe v Wade. Just to win by any lie necessary because they lost their integrity a long time ago.

Ladies we are not going for the Okey-doke. Each of us has the same power: Our Vote, Dollars, God and Our Love. We are going to make sure our men are onboard, registered and ready to vote November 8. 2022. 50 days away

We go forth, claiming victory in the name of Jesus. Amen