11 Days To November 6, 2018

From the White House to the Out House, each of us has  to put America first, lay-down our petty grievances, each of us has a responsibility for what happens to, and in our country.

In eleven (11) days, each of us, who’s registered to vote has an opportunity and duty, to go and vote for change or more of the same. (Only you can decide what more of the same or change is for you), but it only matters, if you vote.

Grandmothers, mothers women (gmw) and sisters in sync (sis); in particular and America in general, the insanity going on in our country right now, “is what a Divided House look like. We’re experiencing the labor pains of total anarchy, if each of us don’t address our discord against each other, and be willing to put our country first. Millennials 18-29, your future is staring you in the face, your vote will play a major role in how it unfolds. The choice is yours, use it or lose it.’

Gmw and SIS, we’re imploring all responsible leaders in Washington to put on their Bipartisan Garments, behave like adults, and start uniting our country from the top down. To America in general, when you vote your conscious and put country first, you can’t go wrong.  As for me personally, “when I wish for others exactly what I want for myself, I always feel very good about my choices.

Today please Meet Jennifer L. Lewis, one of  the six (6)  Swamp Cleaners we’re  sending to DC.,  with congressman,  Bobby Scott & senator, Tim Kaine.  If you vote the democratic ticket these ladies below will go to DC.  If you vote the GOP ticket those candidates will go to Washington.  Sorry, I won’t provide them for you here.

A woman with long blonde hair wearing blue and black.
Jennifer L, Lewis  24th  congressional Seat
Vangie Williams (D) 1st
Elaine G. Luria (D)    2nd
Leslie Cockburn (D)   5th
Jennifer L. Lewis (D)  24th
Abigail D. Spanberger (D)  7th
Jennifer Wexton (D)   10th