Gun Violence Major US Problem

Gun violence is a major problem in the United States today, with a notable disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minorities.

We know the root causes of gun violence are: Lack of investment in communities of color,  systemic racial inequities, and weak gun laws; further complicated by unequal access to safe housing, adequate educational  and employment opportunities. Along with a history of disinvestment in public infrastructure and service in communities that has been historically under-resourced.

Addressing the gun problem, must begin with stronger commonsense gun laws. Plus, black and brown voters demanding a better return on their votes, ensuring Policymakers address systemic racial inequities. 

According to an ABC News Report, Firearm deaths among Black men, at 28-year high, doctors are taking steps to reframe gun violence as one of America’s major health crisis. America Leaders, needs to come to the same conclusion, Gun Violence is a Health Crisis, as is opioids. 

Passage of the following bills into law is a must:  George Floyd Justice Reform Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, passage of qualified immunity, and statehood for  DC. These laws must be implemented; while we’re busy figuring out how to collectively reap the benefits of our 1.8 trillion dollars purchase power

Grandmothers , Mothers and Women (GMW),Women of color are more likely than their white counterpart to be shot and killed with firearms. Murder Rate for U.S. Black Women Is 6 Times That of Whites. 

Then we can work toward creating a more equitable society where all individuals have  the opportunity to thrive, regardless of race or background. The topic for my next blog.

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There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work than follow your passions–in a way that serves the world and you. 

Know that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Know that we will ALWAYS, always, always have your back and will always fight for you and stand by you, shield you, protect you, love you. Know that it’s okay to feel the emotions you’re feeling right now. Know that we’re always the person for your heart to connect with, cry with, confide in…Be still  with.

🤲🏾Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.  James 1:19-20🙏🙏🏿

Hakeem Jeffries: The House Majority Leader,  November 2024

America, I truly believe our country is going through a metamorphic,  and we are going to Metamorph into a united country and government. Jeremiah 29:11 is no joke. The Creator of the Universe Is in charge, with the final say.

Two days ago I blogged about two conditions, 1 year ago for Optimistic Black Purchasing Power and 4 years ago for teaches Crisis.  Each condition  is the same today, The amount of purchasing power has increase; but our ability to collectively handle it, is the same as it was a year ago. And the teachers crisis is the same.

I’m hopeful because I see so many young people stepping up taking responsibility and leadership roles. I’m still impressed with a City Council in St. Paul Minnesota, with all women, under 40; I’m very impressed with Jasmine Crockett from Texas. I feel encouraged with the collective efforts of Tiffany Crows, Angela Rye and Andrew Gilliam.  

For all of the young people like them stepping up. It gives me hope and I just know in my heart,” that we are going to be all right.  But I do know each of us has to hold ourselves accountable for our participation, and being able to take action to implement the changes we want to see in our world. For all of us, it starts with voting this November.

There is no way in hell,”Donald Trump,” and his conservative GOP MAGAS should get anywhere near a seat of leadership again. 

 Young People It’s your future, I’m with the over 70 group, (when I say young) and you have my support.  2024 is the last election I’m ever going to vote for anyone over 75.

Here are some young women leaders in Hampton Roads, that I’m very proud of: Angela Williams-Graves, state Senate. Jackie Glass, HD. and Tiffany Buffalo, School Board. All of the young people mention is this blog, including those 2 young men in Memphis, Tennessee and others that I won’t mention here. 

These young people are poised to take our country in the right direction. These young people will bring back, integrity, Principles, honesty, virtue, values, common sense, the Fruits of the spirit and Bipartisan Leadership.



The Real Crisis For Black America: Under Utilization Of Our Purchasing Power.

The Black population is expected to grow by 22% between 2020 and 2060, according to Nielsen NLSN 0.0% research, while the White (non-Hispanic) population is projected to shrink by 27%. By 2024, spending power among Blacks is expected to reach $1.8 trillion, compared with $971 billion in 2010.

According to a 2020 report via CNBC, Black buying power was $1.4 trillion in 2019 and is projected to grow to $1.8 trillion by 2024. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses, brands, and advertisers to tap into this influential demographic and harness the power of their purchasing potential.

To Black Americans in General, and Black Grandmothers, Mothers and  Women in General (GMW) in Particular, While We’re focusing on the Teachers Crisis, Gun Violence,  the GOP-MAGA Madness,  Shannon SHAY-SHAY and Katt Williams, Hamas and Israel, Ukraine-Russia, wars and rumors of wars.  Conservative Maga Americans are getting ready to do us in, by any means necessary.

So, Black America, “individually, we don’t have have Economic Power, But, collectively we are worth $1.8 trillion.”dollars in 2024, “That Power.” 

Support: Tiffany Cross, Angela Ray and Andrew Gillum On Truth Liberation, Native Land Podcast.

Now Black Americans,” Bring Your Eye-Balls and Your Dollars Home: To BLACK MEDIA; And Learn What’s happen In your Community. “ It’s not the Conservative GOP MAGA.


The Obama: Leave the World Behind

Most of the criticism around Leave the World Behind involves a scene in which one of the protagonists, a Black woman named Ruth Scott (Myha’la Herrold), tells her father (Mahershala Ali) that “If the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily, especially to white people.

If the tables were turned, would the response be the same, “ a white person making the same statement regarding black people. Before judging, trying walking a mile in those shoes. I can guarantee you, “ your response would be different, honest, not alternative truth.”

White America, can you think of a reason or situation, within the last 400 years up until today, where people of color have had a real reason to be distrustful of you. It’s not racial it’s a fact. Donald Trump is a perfect example of your alternative truth, and so many of you want to make him president again. 

White America, if you inserted Barack Obama into the characteristics  and behavior of Donald Trump, Barack would have been prosecuted and in prison by the beginning of 2022.  Treat Trump as a Blackman and see how quick the law would deal with his behavior. 

America, we are sick-and-tired of Donald Trump, breaking Laws and even trying to get rid of our democracy, which, he took an oath to defend. GOP and DEM white supremacist, “you are responsible for his behavior.” This is what happens when,” Good people look away.

Why isn’t the contributions of Africans Americans  to the development of this great nation a critical part of America’s history. Instead of being taught one month out of the year, which is the shortest month of the year, ‘ February.” 

Claudine Gay, should still be president at Harvard, if the truth be told, her credentials were stellar to most of Harvard Prior presidents. In the future, Miss Gayes, don’t be so quick to resign, make them prove their allegations  and fire you.  Those Representatives who were asking those  presidents those one-sided questions, were playing a part in a planned  script, and were allowed to win. 

America, why is Donald Trump allowed to lie blatantly, and continuously get away with it?

1791-2nd Amendment: Musket Was Gun of Choice

Not AK-15 or-AK- 47: Weapons of Mass Destruction: Aka Gun Violence.

GMW, The 2nd amendments to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms, was adopted on December 15, 1791, as part of the first ten amendments contained in the Bill of rights. The weapons of 1791 states,” a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

The 2nd amendment only applied to muskets.

The AK-47 is an assault rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the Soviet Union in the 1940s, while the AR-15 is an assault rifle designed by Eugene Stoner in the U.S. in the 1950s. A difference of one-hundred-forty-nine years (149) later.

GMW (grandmothers, mothers and women) The AR15 -AK47’s are Assault Weapons of the 21st Century, how is it they are protected by the 2nd amendment rights.

GMW, we are no longer asking why we are losing so many of our babies and adults to the violence of gun in general, and Assaults weapons, AR15 and AK47s.’


GMW, we are not helpless nor powerless, and we all have access to the same power: Our God, Our Love, Our Dollars and Our Vote. If we don’t use it, we lose it at our children’s expense. Ladies we make a difference at the polls. and in our homes. with influence that’s immeasurable; The Gun Violence among our youth and Teens is out of control.

A total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for regular election on November 5, 2024. One[1] Senate seat is also up for a special election.

We have an opportunity to send 468 New Politicians to Washington, who will do what we want. We need Better Economic Opportunities in the most effected by violence, gun and prison reforms. Ahead of the elections, Republicans hold a majority in the U.S. House, while Democrats and independents who caucus with Democrats hold a majority in the U.S. Senate.

The GOP solution is guns don’t kill, People Kill. If that the case,” Then we need Conflict Resolution as a mandatory course in our schools K-12 .

Congress can longer represent us partisanly. We need Bipartisan Congressional Leadership with principles, integrity, decency, and values.

The universe has moved in our favor, It has opened up seats in both branches. So young generation, here’s your change to run for office and do all the things you feel have not been done to make things better for your generation. Plus, its your future.

The sleeping giants,” voters who stay home and not let their vote speak for them; Its going to count, but not in your favor. “Our power can speak for us from now on, if we’re serious enough to use it.

Major Causes of Gun Violence, High Crime and Low Credit Scores:

Their contributions to each other, is self evident, in affected neighborhoods.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

We all know, “The root causes behind gun violence and high crime, ‘Is, income inequality, concentrated poverty, underfunded public housing, under-resourced public services, and underperforming schools, are all conditions that tend to increase the likelihood of gun violence  and crimes within a given community. 

It’s time these above major issues, “Are on all campaigning candidates agendas and platform. November 2024th, requires our votes. And it’s time we put a price on it!

Gun violence and crime in America has an economic consequence to our nation, totaling “$557 billion dollars.†Can you imagine the positive impact those dollars would have on low-income, low-credit score communities.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
UVALDE, TEXAS – MAY 26: A memorial is seen surrounding the Robb Elementary School sign following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 26, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. According to reports, 19 students and 2 adults were killed, with the gunman fatally shot by law enforcement. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

According to EveryTown USA, As survivors, families, communities, employers, and taxpayers, all pay for the enormous costs associated with gun violence specifically, and violence in general, whether we own a gun or not. The daily toll is staggering: 

Higher levels of crime and gun violence are also associated with lower home values, credit scores, and homeownership rates. As a result, gun violence hurts a community’s housing prices and drives residents to relocate from or avoid moving to affected neighborhoods.

Increasing policing, is not going to solve the violence problem. But, policies and programs that addresses community Gun Violence and High Crimes, are essential to tackle the public health epidemic of gun violence and crime in the United States and, promote health equity.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

GMW, (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women ) knows grassroots solutions must begin with working to change beliefs, attitudes, values, and actions that promote violence.

This will require a comprehensive coordinated efforts on the part of the Village: Parents, guardians, schools, faith and community-based organizations, social service providers and reformed x-offenders, mayors, city councils, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, and crime victims are all critical to reducing violence in our communities.

Now Lord, HERE’S THE TALK! Please Teach Us To, “WALK THE WALK,†In Jesus Name. AMEN!!!

40 Democratic Senatorial Candidates For November, 2023 Election.

Virginia If you have not voted yet, please vote the list before: Jim Jordan is being considered for Speaker of the House. Virginia we need to vote.

In contrast to the legislative agenda in every GOP-MAGA control state including Virginia;

They are busy legislating laws and policies to take away constituents rights. Especially women reproductive rights, LGBTQ, voting, the right to read a book of choice, participation in climate change initiatives, banning assault weapons, common sense-gun-control-laws, tax breaks for constituents not corporation; And, the right for African-Americans to be considered as a part of American History.

But, the forty (40) Democrats candidates for Virginia’s Senate listed below, are organize, united, ready and willing to put our, constituents rights first,. We must keep them the in the majority in the Senate.

40 Democratic Senatorial Candidates For 2023

Ladies we created the mess in Washington, and across America.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

Ladies of Virginia, We will have to hold ourselves accountable,  â€œfor the mess we could create in Virginia, this November.â€We need to make sure: Monty Mason remains the Senator in Dist 24. 

The GOP and MAGA have to figure-out how lead and govern. Not give away the whole store, and expect to have something to sell.

We vote, shop,serve God, and love more than anyone else. To whom much is given, much is expected. Our vote after the repeal of Row v Wade help created the mess in Washington, which is being duplicated across the county. Authoritarianism  in America.

T. Montgomery, Monte Mason will make sure of the following:

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
  1. Reproductive Rights, belong between a woman and her doctor, not supporting the governor’s 15 weeks limit.
  2. Not help the state leave the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and no longer participate in efforts to reduce global warming and climate change.
  3. Ban Assault weapons, not books, help initiate sensible gun laws.
  4. School Boards, Teachers and Educators are qualified to set school curriculums.
A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

The conservatives, GOP and Mega Republicans candidates’ agendas looks like Washington and Florida, to name a few dysfunctional’s states that puts politics over people.

Ladies in Virginia in particular, and America in general, “The voting buck stops with us.†Do we use or abuse it. We have the power to determine what happens in our communities. Not Authoritarian Leadership

this we pray in Jesus name. Amen..


Reproductive Rights and RGGI: VPilot

Phil Hernandez…

Virginia is the last place in the South where these fundamental rights are protected. I support current Virginia law, which follows the framework of Roe v. Wade, and I believe we should enshrine those rights in our Constitution.

RGGI: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative- is a regional cap and trade program designed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector.The state is set to leave the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

Before RGGI, there was no dedicated source of state funding for coastal resiliency projects. For places like Norfolk, which is one of the most vulnerable places in the country to sea level rise and climate change, reliable state funding is essential for localities as they work to plan and finance infrastructure projects. 

Andy Pittman

The overwhelming consensus is that a 15 week limit on abortion, when the unborn child can feel pain, is a reasonable restriction. Fathers should be required to financially support their children. We should also place greater emphasis on adoption and make it easier for would-be parents to adopt. 

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Lower CO2 emissions to limit global warming and climate change. Concept with manager hand turning knob to reduce levels of CO2. New technology to decarbonize industry, energy and transport

Virginia should not promote measures such as forcing citizens out of their gas-powered vehicles or homes. But, approach’s that includes fossil fuels, natural gas, nuclear, renewables, and the exploration of emerging energy sources. A primary factor for flooding in Norfolk is sinking land due to depletion of the water table. We need to mitigate flooding by replenishing the water table.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

Water Tables, also called groundwater table, upper level of an underground surface in which the soil or rocks are permanently saturated with water. The water table separates the groundwater zone that lies below it from the capillary fringe, or zone of aeration, that lies above it.