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Plus Watch A 1st Grader

To NPN School Board: The state of Virginia in particular and the Nation in general we know that, “Firing a superintend because a parent allowed her six-year-old to leave home with a gun in his backpack, and school personnel not find it, is RIDICULOUS! 

Is the superintendent and the school supposed to check the backpack of every 1st grader entering the school without cause? If any of you so call Authority figures ask yourself, “How would I handle a 1st grader entering school under normal conditions, ‘ would I have to search all of them for no reason? The child goes from his parent to his teacher. The first two (2) people to interact with the child on a personal level, both fail the Adult Test.

The parent should have checked her child, and the teacher should have react as soon as she discovered the gun. By not doing so, she endangered herself and her students. And for this, A Superintendent loses his job (NPN School Board-BYE). You appear as ineffective, with no backbone, as Kevin McCarthy, no principles and commonsense, poor judgment and a totally lack of  integrity, (in this case) as Kevin McCarthy; The new majority speaker of the House. 

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Parent Accountability

If That’s your solution for solving Gun Violence in our school, each of you should turn your mirrors to the wall, And Resign. Then Mayors, Governors and The POTUS should all be fired or impeached! For the amount of Gun Violence in our schools, cities, state and nation.

No wonder Children are so confused with conflict resolution, because as adults who is supposed to mirror, common sense, logic, principles and integrity; exhibited none of those qualities in dealing with the issue of the six-year-old with a gun. And, you have the audacity to feel justified, in firing an innocent superintend who served your school district effectively for five years); for something he had no control over. 

In My Personal Opinion, “that’s one of the dumbest things I’ve encountered, from professionals Charged with executing, fair, Just and logical solutions under their authority. It was a race-base decision, based on pressure from a higher authority, if you ask me. To all Virginians, “if blatant injustice rub-you the wrong-way, let NPN School Board know how you feel.â€

Speaking of, ‘The Speaker of the House,’ and our Debt Ceiling under discussion now,  â€œ to Hakeem Jeffries, minority leader,†we do not wish to see you sacrifice any social programs for Kevin McCarthy to appear he has some background at our expense. We haven’t forgotten, “Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi allowed DACA to be taken off the table under Donald Trump,†for nothing in return. So Democrats, don’t sell us out. Social medias don’t hold back on your opinions now, it’s time to use your voice.