Your Base Has Your Back

IT’S A DAME SHAME: Men can choose Assault Weapon. But women can’t choose what happens with their bodies.  

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

A GOP Control Supreme Court of 6 men (who never had a period, cramp or labor pain) and 3 women Has Taken away a woman’s right to choose!!!

Elaine Laurie, in Va. if you want to keep your seat, take of the gloves, go Rambo or Shebo, go gangsters we have your back. 

GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), We are in a fight for our lives, and the future of our children in general and our daughters in particular.

There is no way the GOP should win a majority in any seats in the up-coming Midterm election-this November 8th. The only way that can happen ladies is, If we allowed it. 

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
America we must fight for our lives NOW

To all of our sisters, who woke up after you voted to make Trump, President, then realize you make a mistake. Well this is what that mistake looks like. A minority of Conservative white men,telling the majority, what they can do with their bodies and their human-rights.

Ladies we have the power to determine who has a Majority in Congress, Governors Office, and our  District Attorneys. DA must be be high-lighted because, abortions  has been criminalized and It’s imperative, we must put people in those seats who will support and protect our constitutional and human rights.

We need all hands on deck, making sure young people are very aware, their future is in the hand of old conservative white men. 

There are 3 three past Democratic President alive, Barack and Clinton are healthy, very Charismatic and articulate. President Carter is present but his health and age will give him pause. 

Our Democratic’s Leaders need to put together messaging, that sends home the Jim Crow direction the GOP is now paused to take this country.

The theory of GOP’s  winning midterm when a Democratic is in the Oval Office, does not apply this time. The GOP has been following Trump’s promise of making America great again. 

They are banning books, the right to vote, reverse Roe-wade, advocating CRT, and so many other human rights.

Young People you are, our greatest voting block right now, and it’s your future. In this upcoming midterm election, you must vote like your life depends on it, because it does. You must determine your future, not people 65 and older.

It time our president give Vice President Harris free reign to travel across country bring the message of what the GOP has done and is doing, and what we must do. He should also call on all past Democratic President to bring the same messaging’s to make the mid-terms belong to the Democrats, by any means necessary. Donald Trump never went to the place past presidents usually go, quietly in the background.

Democrats The GOP got rid of Roe Wade, You need to get rid of the Filibuster now. Please get some backbone democrats, and cater to your base. Barack Obama knows how to bring to our base and win.

GMW, I’m very angry. And I’m hoping our men are just as angry. Because, we don’t get pregnant by ourself, and child-support is going to be your part of these new laws.

GMW, and all Democrats: Jump start your fight by looking at Roland Martin Unfiltered show,â€SCOTUS overturn Roe v Wade.