VOTE For Equal Rights and Democracy  

Without them Ladies,  What Do We Have?

Grandmothers, Mothers and  Women (GMW): Let your vote speak for you. in the Midterm.

Democracy or Authoritarianism

A democratic state is one in which power emanates from the people. In an Authoritarianism regime all power is concentrated in one person alone, often referred to as the dictator.

In the state of Virginia, early voting started September 23, 2022. So, Please check early voting in your state, and start voting.

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Purpose of Local Government. Provides Services. Collects Taxes. Makes Laws. Gives People a Voice.

Voting is so much more than the presidential election. Local elections shape our communities and impact our lives. Our state, municipals and county-level elected officials make a range of decisions that affect our daily lives. 

From how police engage with the community, to whether public transportation is affordable, safe and clean,  to weather affordable housing is being built. 

Learn how State and local government impacts your life and your community:

Local Powers

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Democracy Concept. Chart with keywords and icons on white background
    • Education
    • Criminal Justice
    • Criminal Justice
    • Criminal Justice
    • Criminal Justice
    • Governance
    • Governance
    • Governance
    • Infrastructure 
    • Infrastructure 
    • Finance
    • Finance
  • State Government
  • Here: I’m going to list the three most impactful branches of state government.
    • Chief Executive, Implement State Laws, And, determine abortion restrictions
    • Top Legal Advisor, Law Enforcement Officer. Making abortions a felony, punishable by life in prison in some states.
    • Runs Elections. Is the state election official. They can undermine the voting process by restricting voting options and helping suppressive laws limit the democratic process. 
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Pro Choice and Democracy

Our political system is broken and those that broke it are becoming even more aggressive in their efforts to subvert public will.†Authoritarianism!!!

In the name of Jesus, “Women rights and Democracy will prevail, we pray.†Amen.

President Biden Speech Gave The  Country A Breathe  Of Fresh Air. 

Mr. President Please Keep The Momentum Going, We Have Your Back. And you have galvanize the younger Generation…

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  • LGBTQ Right To Marry Their Choice
  • George Floyd Justice Policing Act.
  • John Lewis Voting Rights Act
  • Washington, DC Admission Act.

Build Back Better ACT (BBB) or  Make America Great Again MAGA/

GRANDMOTHERS! MOTHERS! WOMEN! (GMW),  Particularly And America In General…We are sick and tired of the  Mega Daily Dosage  by Main Stream Media of #45’s Nefarious behavior. He has totally ignored our constitution and broken every law, others are in jail for. which, is almost all of his associates, I don’t think he has any friends, you must first be a friend to have one). And now he wants to destroy our Democracy, and replace it with Fascism

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It’s time we allow our Judicial System do their jobs, and let due Process deal with #45 and  his MAGA Theory.

GMW and LGBTQ, we have the power to stand-up for our Rights to Choose: A Fundamental Liberty. The Powerful Tools we have are: Our Vote, Our Dollars, Our God and Our Love. Our Vote should speak for us 11/8/2022. let’s make America Blue.

We need a Congress that will work together, to codify Roe v Wade. And a Senate that’s ready to pass the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act. It passed the House 3/3/2021.  
It limits qualified immunity. Law enforcement need to be held Accountable for the senseless killing of black men and women. There are too many guns in the hands of American; For no knock policy to Exist any longer.

Also, in our communities where gun violence is out of control, we must take more responsibility for the fact that our children can obtain a weapon faster than they can find fresh fruits and vegetables. These are our sons and daughters, if, we don’t save and protect them, who will!

Next we want the John Lewis Voting Rights Act passed into law. It passed the House 8/24/2021, with 223 votes and died in  the Senate with 48.  The bill establishes new criteria for determining which states and Political subdivisions must obtain preclearance before changes to voting practices may take effect.

Washington should also be given Statehood, taxation without representation should be Unconstitutional and it’s definitely not Democratic for the residents of Washington. I the Washington, DC Admission Act. If passed by the Senate and signed into law by the president, it would give voters in our nation’s capital the ability to participate fully in our democracy by admitting “Washington, Douglass Commonwealth,†as the 51st state.

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GMW Our Vote Is Our Voice, Lets let It Speak for Us at the Polls in Remembrance of 10 Souls taken In Buffalo, and 21 in Uvalde, TX.

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Mr. President Please Keep The Momentum Going, We Have Your Back. And the Young People are ready.

AMERICANS:  IF You Don’t Like What’s  Happening In Your Country!!! 


LET YOU VOTE SPEAK FOR YOU-2022 MIDTERM: Vote Now or Forever Hold Your PEACE.

GMW: The behavior of the Trump Presidency is unprecedented. And, the Trump GOP is unrecognizable by People: American or foreigners, who has standards, commonsense, principles, honesty, integrity, self-control, commonsense, discernment, decency, and compassion.  The New GOP of Donald Trump has non of the characteristic mentioned above.

Grandmothers, Mothers, and Women (GMW), and the rest of American,  will  you listen to an unemployed a Diabetic American man,  unable to afford insulin and food. The reality of Insulin users in every city and State all across America. These patients has been waiting for Congress to pass a bill giving them some relief of insulin’s  price gouging for years, only to see the price of insulin go-up about 1200% in the last 20 years. 

But when a bill was finally introduced into the senate as, “The Inflation Reduction Actâ€, which included Prescription drug cost. It would finally allow the Medicare program To negotiate prescription drug prices with pharmaceutical companies. 

The  bill also capped insulin prices at $35 a month, but, only for seniors on Medicare. A provision that would have capped insulin prices for private insurers at $35 a month was blocked by Republicans on Sunday, with 43 senators voting against the provision while 57 lawmakers—including 7 Republicans and every Democrat—voted to keep it, falling short of the 60-vote threshold required for non-budget-related items.

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) called the vote “shameful†and said it will force diabetic Americans “to continue rationing their insulin—putting their lives at risk.â€

David Tridgell, a Minneapolis endocrinologist who has had Type 1 diabetes since he was 15, wrote in The Washington Post that patients with Type 1 diabetes tend to use two or three vials of insulin per month. At the current cost of one vial of Humalog 50/50, these patients would spend $780 to $1,170 on their insulin every month. Type 2 Diabetes patients can require even more insulin per month, sometimes requiring six or more vials, Tridgell wrote. This would add up to $2,341 or more every month.  

All 50 Republican Senators votes against the bill, with no regard for their constituents needing insulin. They know the dire need of their voters, but they have no desire to meet help those needs.

GMW in particular and AMERICA in General, if the GOP Gets a Congressional Majority in the 2022 Midterms, we deserve a trip back to slavery. And, for women in particular: Barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen, while our mighty-men take care of us!!!

I can’t imagine why anyone with an ounce of INTEGRITY would vote for The New Republican Party, †Who had the audacity to reverse Roe v. Wade.â€And, All 50 Republican Senators votes against the, Inflation Reduction Act

GMW, I have faith in the decency of the American people, there are more of us, then the lost souls of the New GOP. So, by the Grace of God, WE MUST TURN AMERICA BLUE TO SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY, and everything our country stands for.

Marching Gets Attention; Voting Gets Action-Results


MARCH: Roe V Wade Reversal & January 6-GOP. ACTION- Results: November 8-DEM.

Kamala Harris using her voice as vice president, to help the battle over abortion rights.


What’s on Kamala Harris’ calendar?Tracking the vice president’s public events

Vice President Kamala Harris makes history with U.N. speech

When women, and especially women of color, run for office, they are subjected to a double standard that has nothing to do with their qualifications and everything to do with this country’s history of racism and sexism said, †Tina Tchen, of Time’ s Up, the organization’s president and CEO, said in a statement about the report. “It’s time for women to be judged on their merits — and for the media to take a critical look at their biased coverage.â€

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Voting Gets Results- Kansas City 8/ 2022

Voters in Kansas City decided to keep abortions legal in the state. They allowed their votes speak for them. America, we know what the GOP has in store for Our Country, and especially people of color. We know Marching Gets Attention, But Voting Gets Results.

GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women) in particular and America in General We know there’s a lot, the Democrats need to do, but they are NOT trying to take the country back to the Jim Crow Era either

GOP’s Talking points  for The MidTerms

About Energy


Biden Failed Policies

Open Borders

The Top 5 Oil Companies Just Raked In $35 Billion While Americans Pay More at the Pump. The GOP Voted Against Gas Gouging Bill. ABOUT ENERGY

Republicans voted no on the infrastructure bill, but,Is going back to their districts saying, look. We are getting money to fix this road or repair this bridge or expand broadband even though they voted against it: ECONOMIC

So long as a Democrat is in the White House, obstruction is and will remain Republican’s no.1 MO—meaning watering down a progressive agenda and playing pick-me with Congressional Republicans is basically useless. Biden’s Fail Agenda

I’ll Save The Best For Last:  

How Republicans reconcile their contradiction? They don’t. In fact, they apparently hope the disconnect goes unnoticed. 

Republican Rep. Debbie Lesko of Arizona published a related tweet — which read:

“Border Patrol agents have apprehended more than 1,000,000,000 migrants at our southern border in just 6 months. President Biden’s open border policies are fueling this crisis! #BidenBorderCrisis†OPEN BORDERS

 Part of the problem, of course, is that the GOP  used a few too many zeroes: As they saw it, more than a billion migrants were apprehended at the border. That’s more than the population of the United States and Mexico combined — times two. 

Just Go Down The Democratic Side of the Ticket November 8, 2022. Take Action-Get Immediate Results.

Sinema was censored; Manchin should lose his chairmanships: 


GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), 2022 is going to be pivotal for the Democrats. First of all, before we go any further we need our party leaders to know, “It’s time to PLAY-HARD BALL, with Joe Manchin and Kristen Cinema,  and #45’s GOP.

Kyrsten Sinema needed to be censored by the Democrats In Arizona. But, why wasn’t Joe Manchin relieved of the committees he chairs. He currently serves as the Chairman of four (4) critical Senate Committees:  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and also serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Armed Services, and the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. If he can’t support his president, and party’s agenda, then he should be stripped of those chaired responsibility.

GMW (Grandmothers, Mothers and Women), 2022 is going to be pivotal for the Democrats. First of all, before we go any further we need our party leaders to know, “It’sKristen cinema, Joe mansion, Democrats, time to PLAY-HARD BALL, with Joe Manchin and Kristen Cinema,  and #45’s GOP.

Kyrsten Sinema needed to be censored by the Democrats In Arizona. But, why wasn’t Joe Manchin relieved of the committees he chairs. He currently serves as the Chairman of four (4) critical Senate Committees:  The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and also serves on the Senate Committee on Appropriations, the Senate Committee on Armed Services, and the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. If he can’t support his president, and party’s agenda, then he should be stripped of those chaired responsibilities.

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 Joe Manchin, from one of the poorest states has advocated for a rise only to $11 an hour, as he drives his Maserati to his yacht. Manchin has said that he doesn’t want to pass a paid leave bill. Washington, D.C. (May 11, 2021):  More than two-thirds of West Virginia voters support the For the People Act, including a super-majority of #45 voters, according to findings of a RepresentUs poll.  New Poll: Voters in West Virginia Support Voting Rights Legislation, Want Senator Manchin to Vote to Modify Senate Rules to Allow It to Pass.

We made Biden president not Joe Manchin, if he can’t support his president and party, Then what’s the point of keeping him there. The American people need results not political Power struggles. If Joe wants to be a republican, then give up the seat, and run for it as a republican. Give the Democrats an opportunity to put someone in that seat who would represent our beliefs and support the goals of the party. Should we lose such a race, at least we’ll know what we’re working with.

Hardball needs to start with these 8 senators who voted against the $15.minimum wage bill. If they can’t support their parties Platform, for their constituents needs, then what purpose are they serving, holding those positions. The eight senate Democrats who voted against raising the minimum wage are collectively worth over $43 million they are

  1. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)
  2. Krysten Sinema (D-Ariz.)
  3. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.)
  4. Maggie Hassan  (D-N.H.)
  5. Joe Tester (D-Mont)
  6. Tom Carper (D-Del.)
  7. Chris Coons (D-Del.)
  8. Angus King (I-Maine)

These Senators needs to be put on BLAST, because, Justice Stephen Breyer 83 is retiring from the Supreme Court at the end of June 2022. Biden promised to nominate a Black Woman for the vacancy; and when he appoints that woman we need all 50 Senators on Board.

Democrats, we need to start believing, that we will maintain our majority in Congress in 2022. GMW, is sick and tired of hearing mainstream media and everyone else who has a platform speculating that the Democrats are going to lose those majorities, In 2022. The GOP is doing absolutely nothing to create a platform that the American people, who has principles and values will want to vote for in 2022.  Their voter suppression laws are meant for one reason, to keep voters from the polls by any means necessary, so they can win elections and offer America’s  voters nothing. 

As soon as Governor Glenn Younkins got sworn into office, his true GOP’s persuasion took center stage. He has the nerve to ban CRT(Critical Race Theory) being taught in Virginia’s schools. He has agreed with #45 and the new GOP policies.

If President Biden and his party continue bringing his message to the people as he did in Philadelphia yesterday, after the collapse of that bridge; the Democrats won’t have any problems winning 2022 elections. 

GMW will guarantee taking back some of those governorsships we lost in 2010. If you, our Democratic Leaders would show us Some go get it tenacity, with confidence and hardball, sprinkled with principles and morals; give us something to feel good about and proud of,  we’ll deliver you the vote. 

As always, our messages are presented in the name of Jesus. Amen








Delta variant Death Belongs to the GOP

A group of children holding hands and standing next to each other.

Each Delta Variant  Pandemic Death Rests At The Feet And♥ï¸Of The GOP.

Our Former President and His 1st Lady Got Their vaccine In Early January 21, I will not elaborate on this, simply because they did what all sensible and responsible,Americans should have done.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw); I have no sympathy whatsoever (But, I will ask God to forgive them, for they know not what they do), for any Unvaccinated American 12 and up, who ends-up on Ventilators, from refusing to get vaccinated for something that has killed so many People around the world. Plus, they are endangering the lives of all babies under 12; who look to us for protection. For the NFL, I have no sympathy for them either. They are paid very well to do a job, they have a megaphone that we all listen to. This pandemic makes each of us, our brothers and sisters keepers. Those not vaccinated, are also unnecessarily subjecting first responders, and our medical professional to necessary dangerous, For your selfish behavior.

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The Face of America

All of our children from 11 to 0 has no access to vaccines; they are totally vulnerable, And it’s up to each of us, from 12 and  up to protect them, by getting vaccinated, and creating Herd  immunity; to protect the most vulnerable among us, our babies. I have 11 grands and great grands under 12, I’m totally pissed at those of you, who can protect yourself from the virus, (and my babies can’t),and you choose to be selfish, thinking only of yourself. Covid-19, doesn’t care about your first, second or third amendment rights, if there is a third.

The filibuster should either be eliminated, or force to work, as it was originally stated. Stay on the floor and talk about your opposition to whatever bill you are against or for. Congress, it’s time for each of you, to be held accountable for our behavior.

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Face of Liberal White Supremist

Mr. Manchin  and Mrs. Sinema: You are the face of the Liberal White Supremest.  The euphemisms you are using for not voting with your party to keep Jim Crow in the gutters, stop the voter suppression tactics the GOP is trying to implementing all over the country. Your behavior is deplorable’; and your fellow-white liberals supremacists, who’s hiding behind you, should be ashamed of themselves also. You  are making sure, my children of color, will not get equal justice under the law or give DC. , Representation for their taxation, and pass the peoples act. These are issues your party stood for, When your base gave you a majority in Congress. 

You need to take a page from the Texas Democrats, they are making the greatest sacrifices of leaving their families, exposing themselves to Covid-19 and other discomfort, just to try and give the Texas GOP time to use common-sense and stop their Voter suppressive legislation. And, you can’t even-vote with your party, to do what’s right form America, shame on you.

The GOP and selfish Americans: You are totally responsible for whether or not, our schools are open this fall, and our children back in school safe and healthy-being taught American History, the real foundation for critical race theory and January 6th.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Senator Manchin POTUS & Senator Sinema

GMW: it’s incumbent upon each of us to be diligent, ensuring, Mr. Mancini, Ms. Sinema, and President Biden, Use their Megaphones to define their support for the continuation of the Filibuster. For it to remain, it has to revert back to a real-in-house-on-the floor filibuster. The impact of its use has been Devastating for people of color. Whomever wants it, has to work for it. A phone call Can no longer be sufficient, to enact a filibuster. They should stand on the floor and argue their dissent, pros or cons for however long it takes.

Your Democratic Base gave you a majority in Congress and the Oval Office, So you could pass those bills into Law, We want them prioritize and passed. How it gets done is your responsibility; we did our part, now we will greatly appreciate, you doing yours!

All of our children under 12, Has to depend on us to keep them safe, because there is no vaccine for them yet. I have placed our babies safely in God’s hands, and pray, He keeps them safe; while Politicians continually, act like fools. This I pray in Jesus name?

Divided but not conquered

A man standing in front of a map with the words " the senate georgia blue ".
A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.

GMW: Our Country Has Been Divided, but, We Will Not Be Conquered. Grandmothers, Mothers and Women, Let’s Save Our Country. We are fighting for the soul of our country, traveling- through-the-state-of-Georgia.

GMW: Number 45 and the GOP has lost their way. Our Country is in chaos, and the present administration doesn’t have a clue as to how to fix it. I know the majority of Americans are holding their breath, until January 20, 2021. We have over 11 million positive, and almost 250 thousand deaths to COVID 19, and #45 has invited 2 of Michigan GOP Law-makers to the Oval Office, in his Efforts to alter the voice of American voters. I hope their integrity is not for sale, While the GOP that we once respected, has sold their integrity to #45. If we allow those two Georgia Senate seats to remain with the GOP, we will have co-sign the madness that has beset America. #45 finally allowed a Covid-19 press conference with the professionals, with no questions asked.

GMW, in the other 49 states, each of us has an opportunity to use 3 tools in Our Power Box: God, Love and $Dollars, to ensure our sisters in Georgia, Secure those 2 Senate seats with the power of theirs, their families, communities, cities and state speaking for themes they vote. With God as our guide, together we can accomplish this.

Mitch McConnell, Of the Senate, has had a stimulus package from the House on his desk since May 12, 2020, now congress has gone home for Thanksgiving, with no concerns, for how their Thanksgiving dinner will appear on the table, or the fact that so many American are not sure how long they will have a roof over their heads and essential needs met, and morning the empty seats at their tables this Thanksgiving. We’re praying with you for change, not more of the same.

With our financial support, they will be able to make sure all young persons turning 18 by January 5, 2021, is registered and ready to vote. From the millennials down, the Z Generation 18-29 and the Alpha, 17 turning 18; this is your time to decide for the future of this country and your children. Jon Ossoff is 31 years old, put him in office.

Per Aguilar, a 17 yr. old a founder of: Engaging young voters said’ they’re trying deep canvassing, tapping issues that resonate with young Perdue voters – the economy for instance – and explain how Ossoff’s policies might fit. Aguilar sees momentum from the general election in terms of engaging young voters. “What’s exciting about right now is that we just saw absolutely historic turnout,” he says. In Georgia, some 20% of ballots were cast by voters between the ages of 18 and 29, a state that moved firmly from taken-for-granted Republican stronghold to courted battleground territory in 2020.

Other groups are also making a concerted effort to drive turnout. When We All Vote uses social media and games like Among Us and Kahoot! to share information about how to register or how to request an absentee ballot, says Tiffany Pham, a 16-year-old student activist from Clayton County, Ga.

“I think this is really important to equip the next generation with the most important tool, which is their vote,” Pham says. “Historically, in our country, we’ve always been seen as like the apathetic generation that doesn’t really care. And that’s just simply not true.”
This weekend, Black Voters Matter is launching a “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” bus tour in Georgia. Maybe we can support them. Some rural parts of Ga., For funeral homes, but no hospital. I don’t think the two GOP senators are even aware of this crisis right under their nose.

?This we pray and claim in the name of Jesus?

#45Taxes and Mueller Report

Grandmothers; mothers and Women

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) The Trump Administration has become such a disruptive force to our country, until it’s imperative that Congress and the Senate become bipartisan and let the American Taxpayers have the peace and comfort of knowing what’s in #45 Taxes.

His Sister, Maryanne Trump-Barry, a federal appeals judge, resign amid ethics inquiry, of possible dubious tax and rental fraud. We need transparency, or you don’t need to be in those seats.

Congress and the Senate should also see a non-redacted  Mueller Report; after which we should see everything that’s not detrimental to our country security. We have been bombarded daily with #45 shenanigans since he joined the campaign trail, and it has continued through his presidency’s term so far. We as Taxpayers has a right to see those conclusion, if not our House and Senate, can no longer function; going forward, we need to relieve them of their lack of performance by voting them out.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Congresswoman-Majority Leader; Nancy Pelosi

We were also looking for Bipartisan Leadership between the (2) two houses working together to help #45 bring order an continuity back to the Oval Office. But, they’re becoming just as disruptive as #45.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Senate Majority Leader-Mitch McConnell

GMW it’s beginning to look like most of the 535 members of Congress (435 representative and 100 senators), will need to be replaced if they can’t come together for the betterment of our country. The bickering and pettiness continues at our expense. If we the people allow this behavior to continue, we’re just as guilty or looks as bad as they do. We need to step our game up and be our children’s role models. We must do a better job, our children are watching us.

Speaking of our children; our children of color in London, is experiencing an uprise in knives death. London’s Police Department was reduced by about 3000 thousands, and 30 youth centers were closed in the past 8 years.and in Britain its White on White crime. The driving force for the increase violence is : Gangs, drugs , peer pressure and a lack of after school and recreational facilities as options for standing on street corners

Our Children-Their Futures Are On The Line

To quote Jonathan Freedland of the Opinion: While we’re looking the other way, Trump has changed and is changing America for decades to come, and not for the betterment of most Americans.

If President Obama had not been so effective, in trying to make things better for Americans, #45 would not have accomplish anything on his own. President Obama and Senator John McCain, validated him, giving him value to talk about.

1. How Trump is rolling back Obama’s legacy … As of Jan. 20, here are the Obama-era rules and regulations impacted by: … targeting recently issued regulations

2. Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Rules for School Lunches

3. Feb 6, 2019-A federal banking agency announced Wednesday

4. Environmental groups are concerned and plan litigation.

5. 91 percent of Trumps’ judicial nominees are white and 81 percent are male, reversing Decades of steady progress

GMW, we don’t want or need another man as Commander in Chief in the Oval Office, black or white.

The GOP really need diversity, women and color; maybe then, they (the GOP) will be able to come up with a campaign platform, more people will want to vote for. Then they can stopall the trickery, of trying force people to either vote for them, or not be able to vote at all.

We All Have A Past

A group of people with their hands together.

He Who Is Without Sin Let Him Cast The First Stone:

A collage of photos with the names ralph shearer northam and pictures.
Racist P

We have the Governor of Virginia,  possibly in Black Face or a KKK hood. We have a POTUS  hugging  the KKK and a picture his parents with KKK emblems. We all have a past …Can we move forward and forgive-what is their character tellingA group of people in white hoods and suits us about them today?

If we don’t come to terms with our past, none of us is going to be able to serve  our country in any capacity, from the  Oval Office to a Television Master of Ceremonies; even to serve in the military.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (gmw) of Virginia in particular and America in general , have you wondered if there’s outside collusion driving the turmoil in our Governor’s Office, over racist photos, or the chaos in Washington, Isn’t it strange how this confusion  is taking place in our highest offices of leadership. Do you wonder what other countries are smiling, at the anarchy brewing in America, and what country could take credit for our dysfunction.

A man in a suit and tie next to two other men.Has 2nd chances become just a word to be used with examples we approve of? The Ralph Northam, pediatrician I met and help get elected to the Senate, is not a racist,  when he came to my church while on the campaign trail, he was  recognized  as a doctor who had touched the lives of so ‘many parents as their children’s pediatrician, who bought sunlight into their children  lives, that day the man in the  Racist Photo did not exist.A group of people with their hands together.

Democrats, GOP, Independence and Liberals,  we need to re-evaluate  our shot list of differences, and focus on the long list of things we have in common.  We are allowing ourselves to be divided.Image result for american flag

Gmw we must carry the banner; (The Race Banner) so our children and the world can see it,  and know there is only one race; which is simply the HUMAN RACE.

GMW Our Problems Are Not Color Coordinated

A group of women standing next to each other.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), Globally and America in general and Virginia in particular, we have more  important issues that unites us than divides us. First and foremost our children and families. To validate the commonality of women Globally and America in general and for this article, GMW in Virginia in particular. With the upcoming elections, for Virginia its 2019, and for the country it’s 2020.

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
We Were Women Before Becoming: Lovers, Wives, Mothers, lawyer, Domestic Engineers, Teachers Ect.
This Picture belongs to Politics Magazine.

Ladies we must look at some of the biggest problems facing each of us today and determine how we can combine our collective power, and solve our problems ourselves. As I have stated above,’ our problems are not color coordinated,’ but for all my sisters of color, ” 2017 in Virginia and Alabama in particular, we saw the results of our power.” Now all we have to do is, keep our momentum going, join with our sisters from another mother, crack the glass ceiling and secure a seat in the Oval Office.

Anyone with a High School diploma or GED would be and improvement; but we have female candidates vying for the Oval Office, highly educated with topnotch experience in their particular fields, with the temperament to run our country and conduct business on the world stage, bring dignity back to America, with the ability to magnify the things our country has in common, and minimize our differences.

  • Patriarchy by, Keisha N. Blain: The biggest challenge facing women in the United States today is patriarchy. This is especially evident in the realm of politics. Regardless of a woman’s experience, education or abilities, the patriarchal nature of U.S. society fosters the perception that women are less qualified and less competent than men.

GMW of Virginia, we asked our sisters who were willing to run for a seat at the Political Decisions making Table, and we would support them, well, they took us at our word, of the 8 seats we need to turn the General  Assembly Blue, 50 are percent women.  Now we must deliver. “ PUT OUR POWER WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.â€A few of those problems we share as women are listed below. I borrowed an article from Politico Magazine, where several Iconic Women express their views, which mirrors Ours:

A red, white and blue elephant with stars on it's head.
Top L to R; Phil Hernandez HD 100; Josh Cole HD 28; Martha Mugler HD 91; John Bell SD 13; Angela F. Reason is Running for ancy Guy HD. Men and Women turning Va. GA Blue and Biparrtisan Leadership for all Virginians.
  • Navigating career opportunities while maximizing motherhood As a working mother of two young children, I believe that the big challenge facing working women is navigating career opportunities while maximizing motherhood. by: Margaret Hoover
  • The economy is not working for woman. by Elizabeth Warren: Women are the primary or joint breadwinners for a majority of American households. But right now, this economy and our government is not working for them and their families.
  • Access to equal opportunity. By: Erthain Cousin: Despite decades of notable progress, at home and abroad, a reality in which opportunities are not defined by gender has yet to be universally achieved.
  • Sexism, racism and economic inequality by, Rebecca Traister: The extremely potent combination of sexism, racism and economic inequality—this may seem like too broad an answer but it pretty much covers it on both a domestic and global front.
  • Increasing rate of maternal mortality by, Ramey Berry: One of the greatest challenges women in the U.S. and women throughout the world face today are increasing rates of maternal mortality. According to the World Health Organization, 830 women die every day from “preventable causes related to pregnancy.â€
  • A campaign to normalize misogyny by, Neera Tanden: The greatest challenge confronting women in America is a campaign to normalize misogyny and take women’s rights backward. It starts with a president who has a long track record of making disgusting and demeaning statements about women.
  • Not enough women at the table, by Kamala Harris: from the economy to climate change to criminal justice reform to national security, all issues are women’s issues but I believe a key to tackling the challenges we face is ensuring women are at the table, making decisions.