Early voting started in Georgia October 17, 2022. 

There are 37 states that allow in-person early voting. If you’re in one of the 13 states without early voting, please verify your info is correct before Election Day.

A pile of red, white and blue vote buttons.

Voting early allows you to know if your voting records has been tampered with or not

Georgia purged an estimated 107000 people largely for not voting in late July 2017.

Virginia GOP Governor has either purge or lost 107000, voters from  the register in early 2022; but it only became knowledgeable early October, 2022.

Both governors misplaced 107000 Votes; coincidence or pattern.  

Americans, who still embraces truth (not alternative truth) there are state election, positions that are very impactful on our constitutionally rights; as a majority in Congress. Those positions are: Governors, District attorney and Secretary of State. 

The governors are criminalizing abortions, and the district attorneys are prosecuting women and their doctors who will assist them in getting a safe abortion. The Secretary of State assist the Governor in executing suppressive voting regulations and purging voter registers.

Herschel Walker epitomizes the new GOP. So, America if you’re going to Vote on principles and truth, please make sure you’re not sorry for your vote, as most of the women were, who joined the women’s March in DC., January of 2017, because they had voted for the wrong person.

We’re praying for the Soul of our country, and, asking God, our Creator for guidance and direction as we turn America Blue in 2022; this we pray in Jesus’s Name.?????