VA. Democrats this kind of information WILL NOT GET YOUR BASE TO THE POLLS…or RAISE FUNDS!!!


The National Democratic Training Committees is sending out emails requesting donations to save Social Security from Kevin McCarthy’s death-grip, or the Tennessee three (3). Those issues are important; But, not as relevant as dissecting for their base, The GOP’s agenda during the 2023 Legislative session. Each Democratic Member of the General Assembly should be busy addressing the impact those issues will have on the lives of Virginians. See the links below.

VA. GOP Pushed Their Extreme MAGA Agenda During 2023 Legislative Session: Proposing some of the most extreme legislation the commonwealth has seen in modern times.

The GOP law and order advocates are mute here: “DC cop busted tripping off Proud Boys Arrests.”

The Gun Violence Archives: Reported 232 mass shooting in America as of 5/21/23.

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GMW-Family-Friend: All of us needs to get of the fence of apathy and helplessness; and use our power of : Vote-Dollars-God and Love. Then, tell our Democratic Leaders to use their power, platform and bullhorn to take back control of Our General-Assembly.

All 140 seats in Va. General assembly has to be filled this November. Will they put our children first We need a majority in theGeneral Assembly that’s going to legislate on our behalf. Not #45’s MAGA agenda. Whose brand promotes White Supremacy and its toxicity.

All Democrats should Apply this principles to their  state. Our lack of voting has gotten us in the struggles we’re currently facing. Voting can solve our problems.

The Choice is Ours:  GMW will continue to providing you with Facts until, November 7, 2023. Everything we say can be: FACT-CHECKED because, we know what’s true: We Have the power to make a change and protect our children.

GMW of VA. Our children are more important than guns. We need to let them know, “ We love and care about them. We have the Power To Protect Them with Our: Vote, Dollars, God and Love.

Clean schools and neighborhoods, plus a thriving economy, lets our children know we care; while providing them with safe and secure after-school facilities.