The Obama: Leave the World Behind

Most of the criticism around Leave the World Behind involves a scene in which one of the protagonists, a Black woman named Ruth Scott (Myha’la Herrold), tells her father (Mahershala Ali) that “If the world falls apart, trust should not be doled out easily, especially to white people.

If the tables were turned, would the response be the same, “ a white person making the same statement regarding black people. Before judging, trying walking a mile in those shoes. I can guarantee you, “ your response would be different, honest, not alternative truth.”

White America, can you think of a reason or situation, within the last 400 years up until today, where people of color have had a real reason to be distrustful of you. It’s not racial it’s a fact. Donald Trump is a perfect example of your alternative truth, and so many of you want to make him president again. 

White America, if you inserted Barack Obama into the characteristics  and behavior of Donald Trump, Barack would have been prosecuted and in prison by the beginning of 2022.  Treat Trump as a Blackman and see how quick the law would deal with his behavior. 

America, we are sick-and-tired of Donald Trump, breaking Laws and even trying to get rid of our democracy, which, he took an oath to defend. GOP and DEM white supremacist, “you are responsible for his behavior.” This is what happens when,” Good people look away.

Why isn’t the contributions of Africans Americans  to the development of this great nation a critical part of America’s history. Instead of being taught one month out of the year, which is the shortest month of the year, ‘ February.” 

Claudine Gay, should still be president at Harvard, if the truth be told, her credentials were stellar to most of Harvard Prior presidents. In the future, Miss Gayes, don’t be so quick to resign, make them prove their allegations  and fire you.  Those Representatives who were asking those  presidents those one-sided questions, were playing a part in a planned  script, and were allowed to win. 

America, why is Donald Trump allowed to lie blatantly, and continuously get away with it?