GMW) Grandmothers, mothers and women: Our country is in turmoil. The current leadership in the GOP in particular and in  the DEM in general has become almost a reality show. I’m saying the  DEM in General because they have control in Congress, plus the oval office. The Democrats need to get a firm resolve, and do what we gave them the power to do.

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This question can only be answered by the by the Conscience of American, Because we know systemic racism is not a party affiliation, It’s bipartisan; question: If Barack Obama, had behave in the manner Donald Trump did, Would America, have given him the same pass as it  gave Donald Trump; Especially January 6, 2021. The GOP want to make January 6, look like a casual visit to our state capital, ridiculous, unbelievable and disrespectful, to those who lost their lives and the injury sustained by the capital police. Evil still try triumphs when good people look away, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy.

GMW, it’s now our responsibility to determine where our country goes from here. Donald Trump showed us what was in the swarm. George Floyd was the sacrificial lamb that showed America and the world, what police brutality looks like.

 But, low income cities across America with minimum wages of $7.25 per hour, are spawning ground for gun violence;  cities  can reduce gun violence by investing in low income neighborhoods. Because it’s a known fact that most gun violence comes from communities that really need help.

Gun violence is out of control in our country; and the powers that can do something about it, has sold out, it appears to the NRA. We need legislative action for sensible licensing of firearms, background checks, decreasing access to high-velocity weapons, age restrictions, and restricting license for people with domestic violence offenses, Prior criminal convictions and certain mental health histories.

GMW We have our work cut out for us, but we have the power to do something about it. In 2021 two states are having governors election with Democratic incumbents, where both has opponents from the new GOP, in New Jersey and Virginia.

In the midterm elections, normally the party that wins the presidential election, loses the midterm. But in 2022 the party that lost the presidency has also, Lost their way. The John McCain GOP’s are trying to find their voice, but most of them has lost their backbone. So Gmw it’s incumbent upon us to make sure we have a Congressional majority so that all of the important bills Languishing in the Senate will become law. Such, as the George Floyd Justice Reform Act, the John Lewis voting rights  act, Statehood for DC, and Support For the Peoples Act.

We must also gain a majority to the point where, Joe Mancini of West Virginia and  Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona will not be able to hold the democrats hostage for their votes, in getting legislation passed for the American people.

Both sides of the isles knows: the minimum wage is the number one contributor to violence in low income neighborhoods. While All elected officials have voted themselves cost of living increases on a yearly  basis.

?Grandmothers, mothers and women, in the name of Jesus let’s save our children, and our country. In Jesus name let’s pray?