Councilman: Paul Riddick.

I also see Racism raising its ugly head. In My Beloved City of Norfolk.

Councilman Riddick: It’s My  privilege, honor and pleasure  to commend you for your 30 years of service to the city of Norfolk in General,  and Ward 4 in particular.  You are known, and respected as a man of character and integrity, who stands up for his belief, and has no problems voicing your opinions, always, in support of some, and in opposition to  others.

You epitomize what it means to take a stand and make a mark. You have made your Exemplary contribution To the City of Norfolk, as councilman, businessman, father, grandfather friend and Confident of many, and foe of few.  

On behalf of Gethsemane Community Fellowship Baptist Church, Grandmothers,Mother and Women (GMW), WE Matter TOO organization; and the STOP THE VIOLENCE COALITION-under the leadership of Bilal Muhammad. We say thank again for 30 years of unselfish Service.

I also see Racism raising its ugly head. In My Beloved City of Norfolk.

To Norfolk City Council members, I went to the Bd of Edu. meeting last Tuesday in an observatory capacity, was highly disappointed. I left and watch virtual until about about 1:05am Wednesday morning.

I Decided to do some research on the City of Norfolk’s education system and Norfolk, “The city I Luv.” All the research concluded with the board of Ed: C+, and City of Norfolk: C+. We can and must do better for our children. Which raised the question:

Is Norfolk a safe place to live?

First, keep in mind that Virginia is one of the safest places in the country, ranked No. 7 in the Crime Index by As with any major metropolitan area, there are areas of Norfolk considered more dangerous than others. Taking these areas into account, Norfolk itself is considered one of the more dangerous areas in Virginia.

What are the bad parts of Norfolk?

There are several neighborhoods, primarily in the southern part of Norfolk, that represent the greatest amount of crime. According to, these include Roberts Village, Campostella, Grandy Village, Beacon Light and Coronado-Inglenook, all of which have some of the area’s highest unemployment, lowest median income, lowest population density and lowest home values.

GMW and WE MATTER TOO: Is making Southside Stem Academy, (located in Superward 7 and ward 4), Our 1st Project along with the parents in this school, and community.

Another Meeting: Last evening (3/22/22); I attended the City Council Meeting, which was one of the coolest Meeting I have ever attended. The councilmembers came across as condescending, arrogant and uncaring. It was almost like some of the time they were, ”Looking down their noses.”

The Park-slope Community was present in great numbers, expressing their grievances against the gentrification that they can see, will be happening to them. Only Mamie Johnson made an unemotional response to those Constituents who poured out their hearts, then they voted as if their fellow citizens did not exist. Only Councilman Riddick votes against that particular proposal.

I love my City of Norfolk, But, I don’t like it right now. I see Racism raising its ugly head. In My Beloved City of Norfolk.