Teachers Abuse In 2019

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW), Abuse of teachers by parents and pupils is on the rise, says a survey by The Guardian 10 years ago, that reflects today’s conditions in our schools, it’s a global problem. The Research on abuse comes after head of teachers’ union launches devastating attack on parents, accusing many of failing their children and undermining schools.

Stressed out Teacher

The research found that more than 39% of teachers have been confronted by an aggressive parent or guardian, and nearly a quarter of the teachers  have endured physical violence from students. The research also found, many students come to school, I’ll-prepared by their parents, with a lack of respect for authority and liking basic social and verbal skills. 

Recently a teacher in Maryland was arrested for having to fight a student in her class. Allegedly, the student was angry about a text the teacher sent to her parent or guardian the  night before. Allegedly she followed the teacher around in her class the next day, Insisting on an answer, regarding the text.The student allegedly stepped on the teachers foot and bumped into her. That was when the fight started between teacher and student.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw), I have the the utmost praise and respect for teachers, (I could not do their jobs, I would be in jai. Our laws have tied the hands of parents and teachers, while freeing the hands of children)  their jobs are just as important as parenting. We are the 2 greatest Influences in our children’s lives. I love my children unconditionally and would give my life, in a heart-beat for them. But, when raising them, they knew,” if they called the police on me, They had better call an ambulance, because when I’m going off to jail, they will be on their way to the hospital.” I never went to jail, and they never went to jail or hospital. Where some of us fail as parents, we blame the teachers for our children’s, lack of respect for authority, and basic social and verbal skills. Teachers are least respected by many parents, students and society. They are under-paid-overworked and asked to Perform miracles: Many of us send our children off to school for teachers to raise, teach  discipline, be-well-rounded and prepared to pass the Sol, with high scores.

GMW, we must find common ground solution, which starts at home. We may have to start a national movement called: “ preparing our babies to respect authority (especially in schools) basic social skills (good manners are already taught) and verbal skills, (able to express themselves with confidence); It’s work, but it’s worth our efforts. Teaching is a caring, altruistic profession. They are teaching because it’s their passion. Not only are our children fighting with teachers, they are fighting each other. schools are aware of the underlying issues that may be driving violent or abusive behavior, but they can’t solve that problem alone. That’s why, parent teacher relationships are so important. Communication breeds understanding, children practice more of what they see, than what they hear.

I attended a forum at one of our local high schools recently, regarding violence among students, and the results were astounding. The forum was well attended my students, staff and concerns community persons. A commonality among almost 80 percent of the student was having experience the violence of Guns, drugs and suicide, by members of family and friends. So many of our children are exposed to these conditions on a daily basis with little or no counseling, in coping with these violent behaviors. These are our children, we must find the solution. If we don’t, who will?

GMW as always, we ask God, our Creator and Maker of the universe to guide and direct us; In the name of Jesus.

I personally know teachers who Are no longer allowed to teach, because they defended themselves against a student.