Gmw, what’s going on in Washington,

Gmw, what’s going on in Washington, From our Lame duck President, who appears too no longer has anything to do with The survival of our health and economy of our country.


GMW GOD, God gave us the awesome task of giving birth to every living soul on the face of the earth, when each was born, ‘no long list of instructions followed; the instructions were in our hearts.

Donald Trump has abdicated the responsibilities of the presidency, It appears his sole purpose now, is to create as much havoc as possible for the country, he feels let him down; while using the platform of the Oval Office to accomplish his missions of securing his financial future, while using the power of immunity to help his family and friends, before leaving the oval office.

GMW’s can you see this picture of the Oval Office, the Senate,and the House? ‘ it’s a perfect example of what parenting in America looks like sometimes. Example: In a public Arena, A spoil child is not allowed to have his way, he becomes in raged, yelling, screaming, exhibiting all kinds of bad behavior (The president). The adults in the room, (the house and senate) both Democrats and Republicans, are afraid to discipline the spoiled brat because they have implement laws that won’t allow them to snatch the little brat up, and say to him,” this behavior will not be tolerated or allowed to continue, but, some of the adults in the room has lost their backbones, and is afraid of the brat.

In private spaces (like Court Houses) the brat behaves, because those adults won’t tolerate his behavior; so he brings it to the street (the House, Senate, America) where the adults are so busy fighting each other, they’re not able to come together and control the brat. In the mean-time America is dying.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW),Doesn’t it make you want to just put on your “Mothering Hat”, snatch the brat up, tell him go sit down someplace be quiet and still; enough is enough. To the frighten adults around him, (the house and senate and America)” we tell them, “how they should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the child to be in control, when he has surely shown he no longer has the capability of controlling anything, not even himself.

GMW GOD, God gave us the awesome task of giving birth to every living soul on the face of the earth, when each was born, ‘no long list of instructions followed; the instructions were in our hearts.

GMW, God made each of us different. That’s great, because together all of us make up GMW’s in America. In 1 Corinthians 12, states: each of us is unique, but together we make the body complete, and Christ is the head of the body. Jesus gave us two Commandments: to love the Lord and to love others as we love ourselves. (Matthew 22:37-40).

GMW we have work to do: we must step away from the divisive rhetoric going on in our country, not seeing a blue or red, progressive or independent situation; just a country we need of healing, as only we!

?Let’s pray on this in the name of Jesus?Will continue in my next blog.


GMW, I think it’s horrific the way the leaders of the House and Senate is Allowing #45 to demean the Oval and put our country in harm’s way, while #45 spends his time on Twitter, instead of dealing with the real issues facing our country and the world; especially China.
I hold Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan responsible for #45’s Radical Behavior. Now , It’s a reflects on their lack of leadership; there is no leadership from the Oval Office, only pettiness, childlike behavior and abuse of power.
So many of the GOP’s are falling all over themselves trying to justify the negative behavior of #45 and his Alternative Truths’.
As for Amoroso, except for the womb she was knitted together in, she could just as easily be the daughter of any mother of color. She did thing we didn’t approve of, even giving up her Black Card. We are the only one who can revoke or return that privilege to her. We denounced her behavior not our love; nor did we label her: A crazed crying lowlife, dog.
Number 45 is an insult to dogs, he wants to be the Mafia-Don over the most powerful nation in the world. Running the Oval Office is just too much power for his mind. He epitomizes the Bull in the China Shop. He should be careful about what he wish for others.
I’m praying my Democrats Party will concentrate on what the American People really want, and let the GOP finish destroying themselves.
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