Stopping The Violence In Norfolk 

Norfolk GMW Of Color In Particular; And All GMW in General.

Stop The Violence Rally

GMW (grandmothers, mothers and women), of Norfolk; I attended a stop the violence rally on Saturday, March 5, 2022, at the Stop and Go Liberty St. Berkeley community.

Norfolk‘s GMW, we have to do better. The magnitude of violence in some parts of our city, that most of us seems numb too, has  to become a problem for each of us. Some of the deplorable conditions that are allowed to exist, and summarize in schools in the same communities is a crime against our children in particular and communities.

Last evening I attended a meeting at the Kroc Center with  Stop The Stop Violence Coalition. We are planning a Youth Forum: April 9, 2022 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm at the Kroc Center. We are giving our youth, up to age 20, an opportunity to tell us how they feel, about their issues,” Our issues, keep us adults, up at nite, (some taking Prescription drugs, unprescribed drugs and alcohol), trying to cope with the problems of our everyday today.

We must acknowledge the fact that, ” So, many of our young people end up in foster care, many of them they aging out, never connecting with family again, or loving Environment that would be conducive to providing opportunity for the nurturing, all of us needs to become well-adjusted adults.

The buck stops with us: GMW, God placed our sons and daughters in our wombs for a reason, He provided us the nurturing tools to co-create life with him. Those awesome tools came with an awesome responsibility, which God entrusted us with. So, it incumbent upon those of us, who has a better grasp of those tools, To be responsible for sharing, teaching and showing those of us less endowed, how to properly use those tools, to do a better job with our children. which is why we have so many babies having babies, without the tools to raise them.

I recently read in the Va. Pilot, that half of the Norfolk City Council council wants, and half opposes plans for the Norfolk Boxing Center to be use as a casino, while waiting for the actual casino to be built; even before finding a replacement location. Fortunately it’s encouraging to know that several council members feel a replacement for the center should be found before they start trying to use it for a casino. Norfolk, we need to start putting the needs of our children first, they are our future.

Displacing the residence of Youngtown Terrace as soon as possible, To revitalize St. Paul as a Mix- income community; with a guaranteed right for those residents to return, who wish to, sounds good on paper; we must make sure it’s a reality. Our Children needs  communities that’s conducive to their development. When we live better, “we feel and can do better.” Elective Urban Communities, makes life better for everyone. So Norfolk let’s go for it.

Young’s Terrace elementary school is becoming the incubator for the cradle to prison pipeline. It was brought to our attention at the Saturday rally, that second graders Moore and Tango and their love relationships than math and reading. In this community pro-choice is not A problem because it’s feeding into the prison pipeline. Generating new inventory. We’ve been giving lip-service to the prison-pipeline, “since forever,”But it’s still in business. Only The village can fix the village.

We are asking all organizations that can contribute to stopping the violence coalition to join us. Our next organizational meeting is at the Kroc Center,March 14,@ 6:pm. Only the village can fix the village. We will provide the resources, the platform and alternative solution to the problems our children and communities are facing. So each child and their parents will leave this forum, “with the resources in their hands, along with access to information for further assistance when needed. 

GMW of color in particular, our children are hurting: Committing suicide, resorting to violence behavior, gun violence included, suspension from school; To Spotlight the magnitude their behavior, “A five-year old was arrested in Florida yesterday, for injuring a teacher with a desk. (Somebody dropped the ball with that baby). What happened to our children is our responsibility, Whether we acknowledge it or not, it exists, and it’s our problem. Women of Norfolk, we have to fix this problem. We have to start with our daughters, And rally our men, around our sons.

Grandmothers mothers and women, (GMW) We have the tools at our disposal to make a difference in our children’s lives and the communities we live in. We serve a God that can do all things except fail.

The 2022 elections are upon us, And we are no longer going to be a cheap date. It’s time we start getting compensated our vote and dollars.