Politicians Pass Laws-GMW CAST VOTES 

Democrats, where is your backbone. You need to get Behind your President 100 percent; He’s trying to clean up his predecessor mess, while trying to get his own agenda in place.

Who is, Part of COVID-19 ‘s Problem or Solution?
  1. According to the Washington post, the essence of Trump’s deal with the Taliban, (not the afghan) required Biden to either maintain the withdrawal or escalate fighting. 
  2. Number 45 also encouraged his GOP Constituents not to take the vaccine, and wear mask to help curtail the spread Covid-19.
  3. He couldn’t face the fact he lost the election, simply because the American people didn’t want another four(4) years of him.

The GOP knew what he was doing was wrong, but they chose to look the other way, and stood by #45 as he almost destroyed our Country, as we knew it. Knowing, Trump didn’t know what he was doing, while almost seven-hundred-thousand Americans lost their lives to COVID-19, The GOP, Didn’t even try to reprimand him when he told us all to take some Clorox or disinfectant for COVID-19. 

The GOP put 2 justices on the Supreme Court that should not be there. We now have a Partisan Supreme Court, that is making it imperative that we have no more life-term positions in government. The only Life-term position in this country should be parenting.

Democrats! Now  David Chipman’s nomination is possibly being withdrawn from leading the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) because of opposition from Joe Manchin, 4 other moderate democrats and Mitch McConnell, Chipman is not the only high profile White House nominee withdrawn. Neera Tanden’s nomination to lead the office of Management and budget was Withdrawn in March of this year, because of opposition from Manchin and 50 Senate Republicans.

Democrats, if you don’t succeed in getting Biden’s budget pass this year, it’s not a life or death situation; As are, some of the issues we are currently dealing with, that needs your attention immediately. Your base has the capability to keep you in office, and make sure you increase your majority in both houses of Congress in 2022. But you must treat your base like we matter; address our issues, put us first, and we will keep you first.

Democrats if you put the needs of your base and the majority of the American people first, We will make sure you get the majority in 2022, so that Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema will not be a negative-thorn in your agendas ever again. Because The GOP is busy (shooting themselves in the foot) passing asinine-laws that makes no sense like:

Abortion-with public vigilante groups,voter suppression, no Masts, and really crazy gun laws. Just know: They pass the laws; but we cast the votes.

GMW, The GOP is busy Weaponized the mess in Afghanistan trying to get an advantage in 2022. Ignoring the chaos that they are creating in this country, especially Texas, and other Red States who’s major concern is power, by any means necessary; if Covid-19 doesn’t take them out.

GMW Trumpism negotiate with the Taliban to leave Afghanistan May 1, 2021. The Americans in Afghanistan and any afghans who wanted to leave knew they had at least 17 months to start preparing. 

Also GMW, After 20 years of training the afghans Military and Security at the cost of so many Americans lives and over $83 billion dollars the Afghans were only able to defend themselves for 11 days.

The Biden administration Up-held Trump deal, negotiate for another four months. Giving everyone more time to prepare to leave; the Afghan civilians and American to starting preparing to leave if they wanted to.  GOP, this Argument or platform for your 2022 supposed victory is not going to stand up to truth either,Because each of you know what your contribution to this Afghan chaos is all about. GOP please always know, “The Truth Will Never Be A Lie.”

So please don’t take this voter fraud junk to the recall in California. Because the reason this recall  exist in the first place is based on lies.

Finale Norton HD100

GMW especially here in Virginia, we have to walk the walk on November 3, 2021. In the House of Delegates the Dem has 55 seats, the GOP has 45. We must keep our 55 and pick-up as many more as God allow us, starting with the HD100: Finale Norton. GD79: Nadarius Clark and the HD-64th: Michael Drewry.

GMW; we plans to keep Va. blue in November 2021, and gain a few more seats in the HD. 

All of these decisions Were made with the understanding, the Afghan military forces were going to be able to defend their homeland and the Taliban honor their hand-shake agreement with Trump. for more then 11 days. 

Most of those Americans and Afghans still trying to get out of Afghanistan has to assume some of the responsibility for the situation they are in, by the choices they either did or did not make. This deal was originally made February 2020. When Trump was making a mess of almost everything he touch. While the politically savvy members of his party stayed mute almost.

Now we have the Delta Variant, almost out of control in states that did not support vaccines or masts wearing, and chaos in Afghanistan due to bad negotiations, with the Taliban instead of with Afghans.

It would be so nice now, to have Bipartisan  leadership to deal with America challenges;  which would give voters a chance to cast their votes based on commonsense decisions made with integrity, principles and moral values.  GMW let’s continue praying for the above in Jesus Name. Amen