We All Have A Past

He Who Is Without Sin Let Him Cast The First Stone:

Racist P

We have the Governor of Virginia,  possibly in Black Face or a KKK hood. We have a POTUS  hugging  the KKK and a picture his parents with KKK emblems. We all have a past …Can we move forward and forgive-what is their character telling us about them today?

If we don’t come to terms with our past, none of us is going to be able to serve  our country in any capacity, from the  Oval Office to a Television Master of Ceremonies; even to serve in the military.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (gmw) of Virginia in particular and America in general , have you wondered if there’s outside collusion driving the turmoil in our Governor’s Office, over racist photos, or the chaos in Washington, Isn’t it strange how this confusion  is taking place in our highest offices of leadership. Do you wonder what other countries are smiling, at the anarchy brewing in America, and what country could take credit for our dysfunction.

Love conquers hateHas 2nd chances become just a word to be used with examples we approve of? The Ralph Northam, pediatrician I met and help get elected to the Senate, is not a racist,  when he came to my church while on the campaign trail, he was  recognized  as a doctor who had touched the lives of so ‘many parents as their children’s pediatrician, who bought sunlight into their children  lives, that day the man in the  Racist Photo did not exist.

Democrats, GOP, Independence and Liberals,  we need to re-evaluate  our shot list of differences, and focus on the long list of things we have in common.  We are allowing ourselves to be divided.Image result for american flag

Gmw we must carry the banner; (The Race Banner) so our children and the world can see it,  and know there is only one race; which is simply the HUMAN RACE.

The Oval Office Is Contagious

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW): The Belligerent & Disrespectful Leadership Style From our Oval Office is contagious: For  a quick example, look at the ladies on the View; They are beginning to behave like the women on some of the reality shows. I don’t think they realize, ‘they are beginning to behave like Donald Trump.’Out of control.

GWW; what we can control in 2020 is: How we vote, spend our dollars, love our family and country, then do what’s pleasing in God’s, He judges our motive; which is awesome😎. We must be Bipartisan, with Voter Registration, Rights Restoration and overlooking the 2020 Census.

The Welfare of Us, Our Children and Country is stagnating on Mitch McConnell’s Desk

March 7: The House Passes The For The People Act of 2019; to expand voting rights, limit partisan gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules, and limit the influence of private donor money in politics. To take effect, it would also need to be passed by the Senate, They’re in that stack, still setting on Mitch McConnell’ Desk.

The Welfare of Us, Our Children and Country is sitting on Mitch McConnell’s Desk. It appears the job has become too much for him. He seems incapable of putting procedures in place to execute the impeachment Trial. Which we need to see due process executed, according to the charge his oath to the constitution placed on him.

In 2020 we get to decide: who our president will be and our Majority Leader for the Senate.

Senator with a conscious: Lisa Murkowski

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw); let’s give a shout out to Alaska’s Republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski for voting her conscious in the impeachment proceedings.

GMW; let’s also pray for Jewish Communities in New York for Religious Violence and the city in Texas, for another church shooting. Our love of guns will be our demise if we don’t get a better handle on it. Did you know for the past 27 years; Congress  refused to pass any legislation that would do research on Gun Violence?  

Thanks to  Republican House of representative:Jay Dickey: The Dickey Amendment. He was allowed to insert a rider into the 1996 United States federal government omnibus spending bill which mandated that none of the funds is made available for injury

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw); let’s give a shout out to Alaska’s Republican Senator, Lisa Murkowski for her voting her conscious in the impeachment proceedings.

GMW; let’s also pray for Jewish Communities in New York for Religious Violence and the city in Texas, for another church shooting. Our love of guns will be our demise if we don’t get a better handle on it. Did you know for the past 27 years; Congress  refused to pass any legislation that would do research on Gun Violence?  

Thanks to  Republican House of Representative, Jay Dickey: For The Dickey Amendment. He was allowed to insert a rider into the 1996 United States federal government omnibus spending bill which mandated that none of the funds is made available for injury prevention and control, at the Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) maybe use to advocate or promote gun control.

The Dickey Amendment

A database compiled by the Associated Press, USA Today and Northwestern University, found that the US saw the highest number of mass killings on record in 2019. 41 incidents and 211 deaths. Mass killings are defined as four or more people killed in the same case along with the shooter. Among the deadliest in 2019 was the killing of 12 in my state, Virginia and 22 in El Paso. These are the pictures That permeate 2019. Ladies we’re better than this:

Let’s hope for none of these in 2020

GMW, let’s get ready to empty out our Power Tool Box in 2020. We will “reap what we sow.” With God as our leader, I’m feeling great. Let’s pick up our Tools:  Love, God, Vote and Dollars. 

In Jesus’s Name…Amen

The President changed the rules The Speaker changed the procedures.

Experts pointed to a variety of differences between the trump impeachment process and those that went before.

President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session

The constitution lays out the basis of impeachment, but it does not spell out rules and procedures. It says the US House of Representatives “shall have the sole power of impeachment.” The Senate “shall have the sole power to try all impeachments,” and when  a president is tried” the Chief Justice shall  preside. “A 2/3 vote for conviction means the person is removed from office.

During pass impeachment, the full house authorize an impeachment inquiry. The house judiciary committee took the lead in conducting an investigation, holding hearings on proposed articles of impeachment and voting on whether to approve them. 

The difference being with the substance of the charges, all prior presidential impeachment have concern domestic issues-The aftermath of the silver war in Johnson‘s case the Watergate burglary and cover-up  in Nixon’s and the Monica Lewinsky affair for Clinton. 

By contrast trumps impeachment is focusing on the accusation that Trump sort a quid pro quo with Ukraine to find dirt on a political Democratic challenger. Joe Biden.

So, procedures for the current impeachment had to be different, ( GMW, this is how women lead); Speaker, Nancy Pelosi,  didn’t have a precedence for dealing with a foreign quid pro quo, so she establish one, by instructing three committees-oversight, intelligence and foreign affairs-To proceed with an investigation. The three committees then transfer evidence to the House judiciary, which was responsible for drafting the article of impeachment. The President changed the rules, so The Speaker of the House had to changed the procedures. She charged the committees that specialize in the president infractions, to investigate him, according to our constitution. Hopefully we will never have a Rogue President, who will put his personal affair over our “ national security and democracy.” A precedence has been established. Thanks Mrs. Pelosi.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives: Nancy Pelosi

GMW; The Speaker is traveling in, “Uncharted Waters.” She should be commended for her handling of the impeachment, based on the uncertainty and rarity of the process.

The Senate on the other hand, Wants to continue with the, “Good Old Boys Party, talk loud, saying nothing, sweep the dirt under the rug, tell lies, put their souls to sleep, and I’m sure,’stay away from mirrors.’

They have not allowed themselves to publicly admit, (as some of their colleagues with integrity has) that what the president has done, “violates Our constitution, as it has never been violated before. 

Sadly,  the majority in the Senate is more concerned with Donald Trump’s tweets then upholding our Constitution.

The GOP Impeached Clinton for lying about an affair on his wife, not an affair with another country or government, he still have Rudy Giuliani over in Ukraine digging dirt for him, and our senators are, “quite as church mouse.”

GMW, It’s up to us to clean the Swamp. Our Men are wallowing in the mud like quick-sand, “they’re going down.” We have to save our country for ourselves, our children; and save our men from themselves.

The Speaker of the House should be applauded, for not passing the Articles of impeachment over to the Senate. 

They have no procedures in place for dealing with the new infraction, Trump has committed against our constitution. They appear to be so afraid of him until, they don’t want to have a thought, that he has not already approve, how sad.

Mr. McConnell and Mr. Graham, I once had great admiration for you, I didn’t always agree with what you did and said, but I respected you for standing on your principle and integrity; where did they go, and what price did you put on them?

Lindsay Graham: Senator, Donald Trump: President, Mitch McConnell: Majority of Senate

Grandmothers, mothers and women, Gmw; isn’t it strange that the GOP was so willing to impeach Bill Clinton, for having an affair with another woman, And is so unwilling to impeach our president for having an affair with the foreign government, for his own political gain. At the expense of our constitution, That he vowed to protect.

Mrs. Pelosi, GMW, is so proud of you for defending our constitution. USA Today concurred by stating,” in ordinary criminal trials, we disqualify jurors if they know the defendant, the witness or even the latest news. If we applied those standards to Senator, we’d have to disqualify the entire Senate

GMW, in Jesus name we pray for our country. 🙏


Rosa Parks Sat down as one woman and changed a nation. We must stand-up as one and save our nation
Rosa Parks Sat down as one woman and changed a nation. We must stand-up as one and save our nation

GMW Of America: The Truth Will NEVER BE A LIE…

  1. Truth: Open Enrollment For ACA Health Plans Extended,But Only For 36 Hours. The GOP would like to see The Affordable Care Act Fail.
  2. Truth: Trump says Ukraine’s work By Giuliani,”was done out of love.”
  3. Truth: At least 11 lives has been lost in the Mid-west, as winter storms threaten millions of Americans.
  4. Truth: Our  constitution States: The House Prosecutes and the Senate is the Jury; Lindsay Graham and Mitch McConnell has already made their decisions!!
  5. The epicenter for opioids is West Virginia with the highest rates of overdoses accounting for 41.5 deaths per 100 000 people.
  6. Violence in our schools among students is rising.
  7. Too many adults are beginning to behave like undisciplined children, from the highest office of the country; our children are watching.
  8. Guns, drugs and suicide are still the number One (1) killer of our children.
  9. Our teachers needs to be better compensated for the very important work they do; it’s as important as parenting.
  10. Parents; our children needs us to be parents, and give them the tools for choosing their friends.  

These are facts,  not Alternative Truths. 

GMW: We have to unite our country, save our children and bring Bipartisan Leadership back to America with; integrity,principles, Good manners, diplomacy, caring and simply, treating others as we wish to be treated. The Golden Rule.

Our Babies-Our Future

How shall we accomplish this, you ask?  With Our Power Of: Our God, Our ♥️, Our Dollars, and Our Vote…

Plus, Grace, Mercy and Favor. 

In Jesus’s Name we step out in Faith.

GMW Uniting America

GMG in particular and the United States of America in general.

The Right To Neal

Jeremy Staat, A Marine Veteran,  running for Congress in California, has chosen to attached his name to Colin Kaepernick for instance recognition.

Mr. Kaepernick is an American Citizen, who felt compelled to take a stand for what he believes. Below is a letter from all branches of America’s Military, supporting Mr. Kaepernick’s right to protest. MMr.Staat, if you don’t stand for something, you will lay down with ANYTHING & ANYONE!!!

We Have The Right To Neal For What We Believe In

Mr. Jeremy Staat, Grandmothers, Mother’s and Women of America’s (GMW), is no longer, going to be using our power, (vote,dollars, God and love) to continue supporting candidates who comes out the political gate being divisive. 

The race and victim issue, is a problem in this country, it’s only going to not, always be the elephant in the room, if we have honest dialogue about what and who this country was built on; “with the Serenity, to except the things we can’t change, and the wisdom and courage to change the things we can.”

GMW; we are going to be the United States of America again. In the name of Jesus, we pray.

Teachers Abuse In 2019

Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW), Abuse of teachers by parents and pupils is on the rise, says a survey by The Guardian 10 years ago, that reflects today’s conditions in our schools, it’s a global problem. The Research on abuse comes after head of teachers’ union launches devastating attack on parents, accusing many of failing their children and undermining schools.

Stressed out Teacher

The research found that more than 39% of teachers have been confronted by an aggressive parent or guardian, and nearly a quarter of the teachers  have endured physical violence from students. The research also found, many students come to school, I’ll-prepared by their parents, with a lack of respect for authority and liking basic social and verbal skills. 

Recently a teacher in Maryland was arrested for having to fight a student in her class. Allegedly, the student was angry about a text the teacher sent to her parent or guardian the  night before. Allegedly she followed the teacher around in her class the next day, Insisting on an answer, regarding the text.The student allegedly stepped on the teachers foot and bumped into her. That was when the fight started between teacher and student.

Grandmothers, mothers and women (Gmw), I have the the utmost praise and respect for teachers, (I could not do their jobs, I would be in jai. Our laws have tied the hands of parents and teachers, while freeing the hands of children)  their jobs are just as important as parenting. We are the 2 greatest Influences in our children’s lives. I love my children unconditionally and would give my life, in a heart-beat for them. But, when raising them, they knew,” if they called the police on me, They had better call an ambulance, because when I’m going off to jail, they will be on their way to the hospital.” I never went to jail, and they never went to jail or hospital. Where some of us fail as parents, we blame the teachers for our children’s, lack of respect for authority, and basic social and verbal skills. Teachers are least respected by many parents, students and society. They are under-paid-overworked and asked to Perform miracles: Many of us send our children off to school for teachers to raise, teach  discipline, be-well-rounded and prepared to pass the Sol, with high scores.

GMW, we must find common ground solution, which starts at home. We may have to start a national movement called: “ preparing our babies to respect authority (especially in schools) basic social skills (good manners are already taught) and verbal skills, (able to express themselves with confidence); It’s work, but it’s worth our efforts. Teaching is a caring, altruistic profession. They are teaching because it’s their passion. Not only are our children fighting with teachers, they are fighting each other. schools are aware of the underlying issues that may be driving violent or abusive behavior, but they can’t solve that problem alone. That’s why, parent teacher relationships are so important. Communication breeds understanding, children practice more of what they see, than what they hear.

I attended a forum at one of our local high schools recently, regarding violence among students, and the results were astounding. The forum was well attended my students, staff and concerns community persons. A commonality among almost 80 percent of the student was having experience the violence of Guns, drugs and suicide, by members of family and friends. So many of our children are exposed to these conditions on a daily basis with little or no counseling, in coping with these violent behaviors. These are our children, we must find the solution. If we don’t, who will?

GMW as always, we ask God, our Creator and Maker of the universe to guide and direct us; In the name of Jesus.

I personally know teachers who Are no longer allowed to teach, because they defended themselves against a student.

Meet Shelia Bynon Coleman

SHElIA BYBUM-COLEMAN… Is Going After The Speaker Of The House’ s Seat, We Can Help Her.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women ( GMW) Meet Shelia Bynon Coleman who has the audacity ( as I have heard) to challenge Kirk Cox (Speaker of the house) and HD for the 66th District. which includes Colonial Heights and parts of Chesterfield County and Richmond City. Let’s support her in every way possible.

Bynon Coleman For House Delegate 66th

GMW we may not be able to vote for her, but it’s incumbent upon each of us to rally around her, making sure any friends or relatives living in her HD is ready to vote. Because her opponent Kirkland Cox has been an obstructionist.

Sheila is challenging Kirk Cox, a nearly 30-year Republican incumbent. As Speaker of the House of Delegates, Cox has led efforts to defeat legislation on LGBTQ+ rights, gun violence prevention, and voting rights without full floor votes. Cox also opposed Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act for years until Democrats flipped 15 seats in the House of Delegates in 2017. Earlier this year during a special session:

  1. Speaker Cox not only blocked every single gun safety bill, he invited the NRA to set up shop in his conference room for the day.
  2. He adjourned the session just 90 minutes after it started, then told the Washington Post he would rather they discuss the bills “after the election.”

His work paid off. The NRA donated $200,000 to Republican leadership for their loyalty.

Shelia speaks in passionate and personal terms about the liberal issues that have propelled her into politics.

A. A son with a learning disability.
B. A daughter who was shot.
C. A cousin rejected by a landlord because she is married to another woman.
D. Bynum-Coleman calls for more funding for schools,
E. stricter gun control and a ban on LGBTQ discrimination in housing and public employment.”

“’I’m a mom on a mission. I’m in this to make things better,’ she said.”

Bynum-Coleman supports both of the nondiscrimination bills and also blames Cox for not pushing them through to a committee vote, she feeIt’s hurtful to our democracy that the leader of the House of Delegates will not allow a bill to come to the floor that has enough votes to pass when it’s stuff that he doesn’t agree with,’ she says. If we want to see change in Virginia,’ he says, ‘Cox must go.’”

Shelia is a pro-choice woman; Cox voted in favor of a House resolution that declared the anniversary of the passage of Roe v. Wade a ‘Day of Tears’ and has compared aborted fetuses to fallen soldiers. Bynum-Coleman wants to increase Virginia’s minimum wage from $7.25 an hour; during Cox’s time as speaker, Republicans have blocked all legislation to raise it.

Come November 5, 2019 You Get To Choose

From left: House speaker Kirk Cox, R-Colonial Heights, looks to the gallery after being elected speaker during opening ceremonies of the 2018 session of the Virginia House of Delegates at the Capitol in Richmond, Va., Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018. (AP Photo/Steve Helber) RICHMOND, VA – JULY 24: Sheila Bynum-Coleman, addresses a gathering of supporters in a local restaurant. The Democrat is challenging Virginia House Speaker M. Kirk Cox in a newly redrawn district in Richmond, VA on July 24, 2019 . (Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

GMW Our Problems Are Not Color Coordinated

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), Globally and America in general and Virginia in particular, we have more  important issues that unites us than divides us. First and foremost our children and families. To validate the commonality of women Globally and America in general and for this article, GMW in Virginia in particular. With the upcoming elections, for Virginia its 2019, and for the country it’s 2020.

We Were Women Before Becoming: Lovers, Wives, Mothers, lawyer, Domestic Engineers, Teachers Ect.
This Picture belongs to Politics Magazine.

Ladies we must look at some of the biggest problems facing each of us today and determine how we can combine our collective power, and solve our problems ourselves. As I have stated above,’ our problems are not color coordinated,’ but for all my sisters of color, ” 2017 in Virginia and Alabama in particular, we saw the results of our power.” Now all we have to do is, keep our momentum going, join with our sisters from another mother, crack the glass ceiling and secure a seat in the Oval Office.

Anyone with a High School diploma or GED would be and improvement; but we have female candidates vying for the Oval Office, highly educated with topnotch experience in their particular fields, with the temperament to run our country and conduct business on the world stage, bring dignity back to America, with the ability to magnify the things our country has in common, and minimize our differences.

  • Patriarchy by, Keisha N. Blain: The biggest challenge facing women in the United States today is patriarchy. This is especially evident in the realm of politics. Regardless of a woman’s experience, education or abilities, the patriarchal nature of U.S. society fosters the perception that women are less qualified and less competent than men.

GMW of Virginia, we asked our sisters who were willing to run for a seat at the Political Decisions making Table, and we would support them, well, they took us at our word, of the 8 seats we need to turn the General  Assembly Blue, 50 are percent women.  Now we must deliver. “ PUT OUR POWER WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.”A few of those problems we share as women are listed below. I borrowed an article from Politico Magazine, where several Iconic Women express their views, which mirrors Ours:

Top L to R; Phil Hernandez HD 100; Josh Cole HD 28; Martha Mugler HD 91; John Bell SD 13; Angela F. Reason is Running for ancy Guy HD. Men and Women turning Va. GA Blue and Biparrtisan Leadership for all Virginians.
  • Navigating career opportunities while maximizing motherhood As a working mother of two young children, I believe that the big challenge facing working women is navigating career opportunities while maximizing motherhood. by: Margaret Hoover
  • The economy is not working for woman. by Elizabeth Warren: Women are the primary or joint breadwinners for a majority of American households. But right now, this economy and our government is not working for them and their families.
  • Access to equal opportunity. By: Erthain Cousin: Despite decades of notable progress, at home and abroad, a reality in which opportunities are not defined by gender has yet to be universally achieved.
  • Sexism, racism and economic inequality by, Rebecca Traister: The extremely potent combination of sexism, racism and economic inequality—this may seem like too broad an answer but it pretty much covers it on both a domestic and global front.
  • Increasing rate of maternal mortality by, Ramey Berry: One of the greatest challenges women in the U.S. and women throughout the world face today are increasing rates of maternal mortality. According to the World Health Organization, 830 women die every day from “preventable causes related to pregnancy.”
  • A campaign to normalize misogyny by, Neera Tanden: The greatest challenge confronting women in America is a campaign to normalize misogyny and take women’s rights backward. It starts with a president who has a long track record of making disgusting and demeaning statements about women.
  • Not enough women at the table, by Kamala Harris: from the economy to climate change to criminal justice reform to national security, all issues are women’s issues but I believe a key to tackling the challenges we face is ensuring women are at the table, making decisions.

63 Days to control Virginia’s General Assembly

The Constitution of Virginia empowers the legislative brach to enact laws, approve the budget and confirm the govenor's appointments.
The Constitution of Virginia empowers the legislative brach to enact laws, approve the budget and confirm the govenor's appointments.
Virginia’s General Assembly

GMW, in Virginia let’s commit to the Lord whatever we do , and our plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3. We have 63 days to take control of the Virginia General Assembly.

We all know, ‘In order to travel around the world, you have to make the first step. In Virginia, for the next 63 days the spotlight is on us. We must bring commonsense, compassion and integrity back to LEADERSHIP in Government.

VA. was able to bring the Affordable Healthcare Act To its citizens after our last election, where the Democrats had a larger voice. Now we need to get control of our General Assembly in order to bring about sensible gun laws. The last time serious efforts was attempted, the Majority GOP adjourn the meetings and went home.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women we must start here in Virginia, being the changes we want to see in our country.

GMW and democrats of Virginia, there are (4) un-incumbent seats in the House of Delegates, which will give us a majority they are: 

1. 83rd   Nancy Guy House of Delegates. 

2. 91st    Martha Mugler, 

3. 96th     Mark Downey, House of Delegates 

4. 100th Phil Hernandez .

The Senate has (4) that are Battle Ground seats, held by the GOP, that Hillary won 2016 and Ralph won in 2017 and they are: 

1. Cheryl Turpin  Dist. 7

2. Ghazala Hashmi   Dist. 10

3. Debra Rodman   Dist. 12

4. John Bell  Dist. 13

GMW of Virginia, we asked our sisters who were willing to run for a seat at the Political Decisions making Table, and we would support them, well, they took us at our word, of the 8 seats we need to turn the General  Assembly Blue, 50 are percent women.  Now we must deliver. “ PUT OUR POWER WHERE OUR MOUTH IS.”

Our 4 Power Tools are Our: Vote, Dollars, God and Love ❤️. In The name of Jesus we go forth.

America Not Looking Great

GMW in Particular and America in general.

Our country is starting to look like Ancient Bethlehem, when Herod was king:

A voice is heard in Raman, weeping and great morning, Rachel weeping for her children. Matthew 2:17


America we are better than this. If this is the level we must stoop to, to make America great again, whose interpretation of Great are we going to profile? Our Founding Fathers or Our Current Leaders In Washington.

GMW is pointing a finger at the: The 3 branches responsible for governing our country. 1. Oval Office, 2. The House and 3. The Senate. When one looks bad, all 3, (STINKS) looks bad.

It’s not so much what you do, it’s how you do it. When a 2 year-Old is left to his or her own vices, Chaos is the result.

Virginia, it’s imperative, Our three Branches of governing has to turn BLUE!!

We must show The rest of the country, and the world 🌎, what governing with Commonsense and compassion looks like. 

We are witnessing daily what Alternative Truth and Anarchy looks like. DC., You are better than this.

As for me personally, my country has made me, “sick 😷to my stomach, with a loss of appetite, So!!

America! Let’s pray for our Country in the Name Of Jesus.