Truth Based on Fact

Alive In The Sand These are the Southern Facts, are we ready to an we deal with the Truth:  Women In Black Face.

GMW,  until we start having dialogue, we are going to forever be trying  to find someone or something to place our conscious on,  when it rears its ugly head.

For everyone calling for parts of Virginia’s Executive Members to resign, what side of the line are you on? Were you a victim of the south or a perpetrator.

One side does not have a reason to relive those conditions and one

side has to look  in their soul. Racism was taught

I feel confident speaking  for Ralph and Mark today, they have forgiven themselves for their past, and by their action currently, are doing everything in their power to create a better America for all Virginians and America;  Are you; or are you still trying to finding find someone to make you fell better about parts of the Jim-crow south,  you were apart of that reality or the good person who looked away? Can we talk and keep it real?

My greatest desire is for us, to realize we have a problem, and we can only begin to mend it, by first being willing to mend ourselves; which is the greatest journey, that trip inside of ourselves. Please be prepared to  stay only a few minutes at first; otherwise you won’t want to go back, out of fear.These pictures, are some of the ugly facts of our past, that we must deal with in order to heal, and make America Great Again!!
Can We Talk?

A Blue Print For Excellence

A Wednesday Nite Bible Study:

My church epitomizes what building strong marriages, families, relationships, communities, cities, states and the nation should look like and become. My Pastor Rev. Kirt T. 1st Lady Sharon Houston, is a great example of Strong Marriage. They exemplify being their brother and sister keepers. All of us members appreciate the fact,  they are not pretentious, they truly care, We can follow them, because their walk reflects their talk.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW) of Virginia, we have no time for the Blackface and KKK rhetoric of 40 years ago.  We’ve used common sense and discernment, and deciding to judge them, by their current behavior and Legal Due Process;  based on what they have done, is doing and will do for Virginians.  We will continue to hold them accountable for forward progress, as we continue to vote for candidates who address our issues and make us feel like they want our vote. If candidates  wants the vote, then you must go into all  neighborhood, and ask for it.

GMW of color we finally see the reality of our power when used in addressing our issues.  when it comes to the  use of our power of Our: Vote, dollars, God and Love, we will never be taken for granted again. God and Love must be our guiding factors, starting at home, in strengthening our marriages, families and relationships.

For the GOP in particular, going forward, if you want our vote, don’t try changing the rules, come and get it. Let us know what you’re going to do for us. As for the democrats, you can no longer take our vote for granted, It’s no longer a given.   All parties are now aware,  if the candidates are not worthy, voters will also stay home.  Going forward,  we’re demanding Bipartisan Leadership, because our leaders on both sides of the isles has been so busy fighting each other, until we the people who put them there is lost in the madness, or no longer important.  To our Men: “We love you, but, you will no longer be allowed to govern as you have. We are going vote you out, and take your seat.

We don’t want Walls. We want our babies  to go off to school  being safer because we have banned Assault Weapons, so no crazed person has access to them. We must put people in office who will give us  sensible guns controls. Suicide among our 15 to 19 to year olds has increased, and guns plays a major factor in its success. So many of our schools, especially in urban communities are underfunded and over crowed. Our teachers across the country are striking daily for better pay and conditions, 5 billion dollars will easily solve those problems, and the money would get back greater dividends.

Our babies are innocent until injected my their parents venom.


GMW our hands are full with Today’s Racism, and we all know, racism is taught. Racism is offensive and defensive behavior and each of us knows which side we’re on, but that doesn’t solve the problem; we must have serious dialog with each other, it’s not going to be easy, but it’s our only Real Option.

POTUS: “A Demagogue”

The most famous demagogue of modern times, Adolf Hitler. He first attempted to overthrow the Bavarian government not with popular support but by force in a failed putsch in 192 3. While in prison, Hitler, chooe a new strategy: to overthrow the government democratically, by cultivating a mass movement.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), the most famous demagogue of modern times was Adolf Hitler. He first attempted to overthrow the Bavarian government not with popular support but by force in a failed putsch in 1923. While in prison, Hitler chose a new strategy: to overthrow the government democratically, by cultivating a mass movement.

Grandmothers, mothers and women, (GMW); Let’s Pray For America, while using our power, to make our country,”the United States of America” again. With quote by Rev. Jim Wallis, founder and president of Sojourner.
This past week as Christians mark the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, we traveled from the Darkness of Good Friday into the joy and light of Easter Sunday.

At the heart of America’s darkness is our “original sin” of devaluing indigenous and African Slaves  lives and establishing our most shameful foundational principle—that the lives and bodies of people of color matter less than white lives and bodies. That original sin of racism set the historical precedent and pattern for the American experience, and its legacy is still powerfully and painfully with us in our nation’s social systems. The sin lingers. These are Good Friday realities—when suffering and death seem to win, but for God!!

Donald Trump did not invent America’s original sin. But he’s using it, and selling it for political gain.  Yet while Trump didn’t create the party of whiteness, he is actively and openly promoting the ideology of white supremacy and privilege.

Donald Trump-responses to white working class voters, many of whom are confused and angry about their circumstances. Their economic marginalization has caused them to lose incomes, jobs and homes. for some their communities are driven by alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide.

Trump is reviving the ugly racial populism in America’s that blames “the others” for “our” problems. He divides in order to win, inciting violence and threatening riots.

Like other demagogues before him, (Adolph Hitler), Trump is an expert marketer. He’s a demagogue with Particular skills in manipulating the press. And although the authoritarianism he is peddling gives many Americans deep cause for concern, it appears to be working as he marches on to the Republican Nomination.

Adolph Hitler, A Demagogue

To GMW in particular and Americans in general, if we can’t prevent a demagogue, from getting a second term as POTUS, then we deserve what we get. We have the power to do what’ best of our country. #45 is not bigger than America, nor is he more important.


Alternative Truth

As told by Donald Trump, Uber and Lyft

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women; Mr. Trump has been a proponent of Alternative Truth since taking office, almost three (3) years ago, plus all the practice he got while campaigning. Uber and Lyft alternative truth is: trying to justify why they are overcharging the riders and underpaying the drivers. 

Mr. Trump’s Wall: To people with commonsense  and logical thinking knows the wall is for his ego, and 57 percent of Americans have acknowledge this. A real president would used the resources and the expertise in all areas that has any input on the safety and security of the Southern Borders. Since he realize the Mexican Government was not going to do his bidding, He should have validated his claim and get the backing of the agencies responsible for the Border Security; instead he wanted to run it as president of Trump Enterprise, where his word is the deciding factor.   

Uber and Lyft  two (2) of the top Rideshare Companies,  started out as a great idea, that was welcome by the Riding Public and Contract Drivers, who went in partnership with them, with an 80/20 ratio; after a few years that ratio was changed to 75/25, principles and integrity was still in the relationships. Now the companies have gotten greedy, and since there is no Regulatory Agency governing them, they have changed the ratio to  55/45 or whatever ratio they choose. From me recently they took 66 percent and I got 34 percent. this is what it look like:

 The Rider paid $16.59, I got $5.58 and Uber got $11.01. I was not able to show the driver’s  $5.58 on the invoice, so you do the math. Lol.

I called them 3 time, they hung -up on me twice. They gave me a lot of alternative truths for their calculation. I’m still angry with what they are able to get away with. Quitting won’t solve the problem. It needs to be dealt with. Drives in many states are in courts, litigating the problem.   

I called the Taxi and Limousine Commissioner, they don’t regulate rideshares. I called my City Councilman, he said Uber and Lyft has a right to charge what they want, he was no help. I called my senator, the General Assembly is in session. I called the AG Office: Mark Herring’s and left a message. I  then sent a copy of the invoice in question to Wavy 10 On Your Side. 

I have not heard back from any of my contact, but this just happened. If rideshares are not regulated Virginia, then I think they should be. I will not be asking anymore of my friends to join Uber and Lyft, until their principals and integrity rejoin their ranks. I will keep you abreast of how this plays out. So stay tune.


Ninety- Nine (99) percent of GMWs’ I have spoken with lately, is not interested in impeachment. They want #45 taxes viewed and his financial record audited, let those documents tell the story. We all know if you want the truth, follow the money:

Why Did Deutsche Bank Keep Lending to Donald? The bank loaned a cumulative total of around $2.5 billion to Trump projects over the past two decades, and the bank continued writing him nine-figure checks even after he defaulted on a $640 million obligation and sued the bank, blaming it for his failure to pay back the debt. According to the Washington Post. 

GMW wants his past  financial dealings to deliver the real #45. It’s impossible, for everyone who helped him get elected, is either in jail on their way, and he’s the only innocent one.  We wear many hats, and the ones we wear as mothers and G-mothers; has allowed us to easily recognize CRAP when we see it and smell it. The time has come for the House and Senate to do their jobs, and for us to do ours.

everyone who helped him get elected, is either in jail on their way, and he’s the only innocent one.  We wear many hats, and the ones we wear as mothers and G-mothers; has allowed us to easily recognize CRAP when we see it and smell it. The time has come for the House and Senate to do their jobs, and for us to do ours.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women: (GMW) We are witnessing bullying From the highest office in the land:

For our children’s sake we must stop this Madness: Our children are feeling helpless and killing themselves from bullying in school,on Social Media and most places they congregate, then they see the POTUS bullying from the Oval Office, and no one seem to be able to curtail #45. Especially not Congress and the Senate.  #45 is afraid of Putin, the GOP is afraid of #45 and our children are afraid to come to us, before they try to solve problems they are not equipped to handle by themselves.

GMW in Virginia In particular, our 1st battle Is kicking off 6/11/19, the primaries, and Culmination 11/5/19, the state election , All 140 seats in the house and senate is up for election: 100 House of Delegates and 40 in the senate

GMW in the Presidential Election of 2020, we will be putting new people in the Oval Office. People with backbones, principles and integrity in the Senate and House of Representatives, also.

It appears values, principles, common sense and backbones has left Washington; Chip Roy from the 21st House of Representatives In Tx. Is the lone GOP to block the Disaster Aid Package. He has became the man who delayed $19.1 billion in disaster aid to communities throughout the country on Friday, with no good reason, other than dirty politics.

Of the 24 candidates running for president, those that are not senators or congressman already, should run for the house and seats. We have to replace many of those currently in office as Senators and Congressmen-Women. If they are not chosen in the presidential primaries.

  1. Bill_de_Blasio
  2. Pete_Buttigieg
  3. Marianne_Williamson 
  4. Andrew_Yang 
  5. Wayne_Messam
  6. Juli Castro_
  7. Stacey_Abrams 
  8. Jason_Kander

These are just a few great candidates with integrity, core values and backbones, that’s needed in the House and Senate, and we would gladly put our power behind.

Our candidates for the Oval Office is still Binden and Harris. #biden#harris#

GMW’S Choice For 2020 Presidential Election

Mr. Trump! No Texes, No Wall

#45: NO TAXES, NO $5 BILLION WALL. Evil still triumphs when good people looks away. GMW, we’re not looking away, America Are You?

Mr. President, If building the Wall was dependent on your taxes, would it get built? GMW and the American People needs to see your contributionGrandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW). We’re sick and tired of the double standards, from the powers that be, and the ratchetness we’re getting from the Oval Office down?

(Ratchet, from an adjective perspective; the act of being stupid, reckless, inelegant, disrespectful, rude, and down right nasty.)

To give Michelle push-back for telling the truth about #45 is absurd, when #45 gets applauded for lying 🤥plus his ratchet behavior.

Mr. Barr; Grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) are not impress with your Press Conference, of a report that was over two years in the making, with over 500 pages and over 30 indictments. You have lost your ability to be trusted, and your integrity for us, is null and void. You blew it with your first four page redacted report. For us you have become #45 puppet, not America’s Attorney General.

Congress is responsible for our laws, and you want to give them a REDACTED REPORT. GMW; call that an insult to the Congress of these United States. America is not a country governed by dictators. You and #45 should read our constitution again and govern yourselves accordingly.

GMW, if commonsense prevail among us, do you ask yourself why, only our sons of color, who has some celebrity status is being targeted lately. Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, and Jessie Smollett. Parents need to take responsibility for allowing their young children to be used for financial gains, in environments that can be harmful to them, without their supervision. My minor children could not spend the nite in a room with the Pope, (second thought, that’s not safe either, you get my point). Jessie should be left alone, I’m sure tax payers would rather spend $130 thousand for due process,  than over $5 billion for a wall the Mexican were supposed to pay for instead of us. I think #45 should let us see how much of his taxes are helping build the wall.

We know our White sons, gets minors, thrown at them by parents also, who think their kids have talent, where is their exposure. The double standards is no longer going to be ignored; Social Media is watching and speaking.

Loving Hands of GMW

The ability to buy your child a seat, in the Ivy League Colleges has been exposed; no one was honestly surprise by its exposure. Our prayer is more transparency from the next generation of leaders and parents.

The Gift of a Happy Mother: Letting Go of Perfection and Embracing Everyday Joy.

All democrats

To All Democratic Running For 2020:

THE OVAL OFFICE: It Demands Leadership, Integrity, Diplomacy, Principles discernment and Odjectivity.

GMW would like to remind you, your opponent is the (GOP) Donald Trump.

Donald Trump

So far we applaud Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren for not slinging mud and dealing with issues.

Mrs. Kamala Harris, you must clean up your act. Your tactics against Joe Biden, in our opinion,”served no purpose.”

For those who has a platform, and is using it for impeachment procedures, why not instead: Emphasize  the issues to theAmerican People, that you would used to impeach Him, and Let us make him a one-term-president. We need realistic minds running for the Oval Office.

There are enough serious issues, needing your attention. Plus GMW would appreciate you’ll addressing them, and finding bipartisan-common-ground to solve them.  

Donald Trump doesn’t have the knowledge or leadership  abilities to handle the crisis at the Southern Borders; It requires: Skilled  and knowledgeable leaders on both sides of the isles, to fix the mess he,#45 was allowed to create.

Now he wants to mess with the 2020 census. Leaders in Washington; why are you allowing this 2 year old to run rampant with our democracy.  

Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham  I’m sorry 😐to say, “ has lost their ADULT CARDS.”

Mr.Trump, almost got our son and daughters killed in a senseless war, because he neglected  to allow our great Military Leaders to advise him on how many casualties the strike would kill. This information I’m sure would not have been an afterthought by the Generals, 10 minutes before a major use of power. 

Another Major issue, the Democratic Candidates should be making #45 address, instead of attacking each other. 

We also appreciate the fact; Mr. Biden was big enough to reach back 50 years to appease some small minds,  that needed an apology, for what? We’re not sure.

Mrs. Pelosi, please don’t forget. “The Tea Party destroyed the GOP, and now they have #45.

Nancy Pelosi and Ocasio-Cortez

You and the Younger Representatives, must find common-ground to work together, you don’t have to like each other, but you do have to respect each other. They are our future, with  energy and techonical Savvy. You-Us, our generation, has wisdom, political experience and discernment. Why not bridge the Generation Gap, and become a force to be reckoned with.




GMW Making an Informed Vote In Tuesday’s Primary

FYI Virginia General Assembly Up For Election

Our Vote is important for addressing and solving the important issues of: Drugs, Guns, Schools Drop Outs, Women Rights, and Saving Our Children and Country, just to name a few of the problems we must deal with.

FYI: The 10 Obstruction of Justice Issues According to the Mueller Report

I hope to see each of you at the polls tomorrow, taking a stand in Jesus’s Name for our country.

you picked the wrong state

Let’s Pray For: Ralph, Justin, Mark, Meredith, Vanessa and the State of Virginia.


For Ralph and Mark: 1 Peter 2.23: When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.

For Justin, Meredith and Vanessa; Psalm 55:22: Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous  fall.

In the state of Virginia in particular, all states in general, and the highest offices of the land: logic discernment and commonsense should prevail.

For the state of Virginia, that offices should not allow themselves to be manipulated with two accusations that are anachronism.

Grandmothers, mothers and women, whoever or whatever forces want to topple our Executive Branches, they need to do a better job, and not insult our intelligence by going after our sons with something they all did, in the period they are accusing Ralph and Mark.

The fact that some of us is willing to allow those flimsy accusations to dictate,  asking Ralph, Justin and Mark to resign is ludicrous.   

For our daughters, if we could reach you, we would give you a hug, and try to understand where you’re coming from because:  Young Sisters, as women, especially women of color, no man can make us perform oral sex on them, unless he has a gun, even then, once we bite down on his part, he’s going to drop that gun, and both hand will be trying to protect his family Jewel.  we just won’t allow it without the paramedic and police being called immediately.   

Premeditated aggressive rape? in my Over 70 years on this Earth, I have never heard of this type of rape, what was he doing?  Practicing in front of her, how he was going to rape her?

GMW see you both as Intelligent Women, who apparently allowed themselves to be manipulated by using words to accused someone of a heinous crime, that are not of our culture. Had you just used the word rape, we could relate better, but they insulted your and our intelligence.

Now for our fellow Virginians, asking them to resign, we (gmw) are finding it very difficult, the ease in which it appears you are ready to give up our leaders, to someone or something that does not know them as well as we do; having said that, we’re going to stand with them, embrace them and let them know, “as long as they are willing to fight for what right, we will stand with them.

If you want our men out of office, “give us something we can feel, otherwise show us undisputed, not alternative truth, and we will deal with our men.

They are doing an excellent job for state and cities, and we want to see them continue. We don’t have time for games  and lack of moral character that’s going on in Washington.

In Virginia we worked hard to put our men in office, based on the content of their character, ability and promise to serve us, our families, communities, cities and state; and they are delivering.

So, whoever and whatever you are, you picked the wrong state.  Can We TalkIn Jesus Name we’re praying for:  Justice Justin, Ralph, Mark, Meredith and Vanessa.

Biden-Harris Challenge

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

GMW: Grandmothers, mothers and women; In the name of Jesus we pray for peace and harmony in our country, with all the discord in our political arenas, and vast number of great democratic candidates for 2020 presidential primaries, we have taken ourselves out of the Madness and decided our choices for the Oval Office In 2020, will be a team of Joe Biden & Kamala Harris:

We will use our power of Our: Dollars, Votes, God and Love on them.
We really don’t need to repeat, or look like the GOP circus of 2016. From a field of 17 candidates; we got Donald Trump, the man who said he could grab women by their private parts and kiss them and they would be ok with it.

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW) we are woman, with the DNA to become mothers, grandmothers and, do what Steve Harvey suggested, “Act like a Lady, and think like a man.”

Ladies, do you think, we may be doing the U-To movement a disservice with the manner in which we are using the political arena to address male inappropriate behavior, when it could have been dealt with by us, at the time of infraction. I would take 10 Joe Biden’s over one #45, when it comes to respecting women. Please let the Anita Hill Apology rest, and let’s deal with, upcoming elections, ( for GMW in VA., in particular) 2019, and 2020 in general.

All 100 seats in Virginia House of Delegates, and all 40 seats
in the Senate are taking place in 2019.

The GOP has a majority in both houses. In the State House 51-49
In the State Senate 21-19. The election is November 5; 2019.

The Biden-Harris Ticket is a Challenge: You have the right to agree or disagree. Back-up your opinion, and be comfortable with your yes or no.

Challenges forces us to Soul search and research, determine our facts or truths, then get involve, defending and supporting our platform.