Kyrie Irving, Tiffany Cross, Ime Ukodo, Kanye West, Don Lemon…Who’s Next? 

Why has Main Stream Media not gone after the writer and author of the documentary? Is it because he’s not as popular as Kyrie Irving?

Don’t Kill The Messenger! If you’re going to vilify the messenger, give us details of the message.
We should all see the movie, “Hebrew to Negro, “ what the big deal

Kyrie Irving is just another of our son being vilified for having an opinion. What Part of Their Statements are not True, I  have not heard anyone call them a liar.

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Narmer: the First Egyptian Pharaoh

Everyone knows, whether they want to admit it or not, “Civilization began in Egypt; Were the pharaohs white? History is not going to change. GMW we should all make it a point to see the Documentary with our families. If we don’t use our power collectively to protect our sons and daughters, what are we going to use it for,†(Just to help Democrats win elections).

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It Takes A Village

GMW Grandmothers, mothers, and women, Kyrie Irving is just another of our son being vilified for having an opinion. It’s time we start standing-up supporting our sons and daughters just as we do for the Democratic Party.

And bring our families, friends, neighbors and communities along with us.

We must stop allowing ourselves to be treated as, “Booty call.†And, be courted as a valued, and respected date. We must demand, “A better bang for our bucks. Our Power’: #Our Love#OurGod#OurDollars#OurVote.

To all of our Political Leaders who makes a booty call for our support during election… We’re looking for your support now, in stopping the injustice to our Professional Sons and Daughters, whom you’re willing to Millionaires and billionaires for their skills and abilities, as long as they shut up and dribble.

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West & Irving

Our sons are being vilified by the smallest infraction.  Great  satisfaction was garnered from, putting Michael Vick in Jail, destroyed  Collins Kaepernnick football career, coach: Ime Ukodo,†suspend for one (1) season. And now Kyrie Irving, Kanye West denounced, Tiffany Cross fired, and Don Lemon Moved. Who will be next?

To all professional Athlete of Color, “If you don’t stand up for something, you will be suspended for anything. (All of you must be walking on eggs-shells), it’s time you unite in a pact against injustice. White athletes does ten times more serious violations and nothing happens, the main stream media looks the other away, Bipartisanly. But, for athlete of color, its almost as if spitting on the side walk is a major infraction, all media is focus, Why?

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Coach: Ime Udoka Suspended

Former Los Angeles Lakers champion Robert Horry summarized why Phil Jackson didn’t go through what Ime Udoka is facing now. Apparently, Phil’s infraction was with an Owner, enforcer of the rules. After-All You can’t apply them to yourself!

Quoting Robert Horry

“I’ve had so many people come up to me and be like ‘Well, why Phil didn’t get kicked off the team when he was dating Jeanie Buss?’ I’m like ‘Because he was dating Jeanie Buss,’” the seven-time champ said on his “Big Shot Bob” Podcast. “That may not be against their team policy. I’m pretty sure if Ime was a Laker and did what he did, that still would have been against team policy… But dating somebody and disclosing that, that’s not against team policy.”

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Donald Trump tried a coup on our State Capital; and-said despicable things about Jews, People of color, and any other ethnic group he wish to vilify, Anchors on Fox News told LeBron James, “To shut up and dribble,†with no media outrage or public Vilification.   Brett Farve did much worst to the poor people of Mississippi, the media should have treated him as they are treating Kyrie Irving, who only watch a movie or documentary, and wanted others to see it.

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Don Lemon: from news to sports

Don Lemon dealt with too many facts, not alternative truths, like some news channels (if you can call it news), So he was given a softer, “spot.” hopefully he stays away from the ugly history of sports, like treatment of Jack Johnson and Jackie Robinson.

The truth of our history in not going away. CRT is not going to do it. Nor trying to eliminate the word, “ #SLAVE from historical documents #The platform for MAGA# But, we’re not having it!  The Jews spent 400 hundred years in Egypt, the Negro spent 400 years in America, both were in-slaved. That’s our history.

When the Israelis or Jews went to Egypt from Canaan, and stayed there for 400 years. they were under the rulership of Egypt’s Ramsey’s. History.

What nationality was the pharaohs? Modern Egyptian: Ancient Egyptians are the same group of people as the modern Egyptians. What race are ancient Egyptian’s? Black-Afrocentric: the ancient Egyptians were black Africans, displaced by later movements of peoples, for example the Macedonian, Roman and Arab conquests.

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