Gun Violence Major US Problem

Gun violence is a major problem in the United States today, with a notable disproportionate impact on racial and ethnic minorities.

We know the root causes of gun violence are: Lack of investment in communities of color,  systemic racial inequities, and weak gun laws; further complicated by unequal access to safe housing, adequate educational  and employment opportunities. Along with a history of disinvestment in public infrastructure and service in communities that has been historically under-resourced.

Addressing the gun problem, must begin with stronger commonsense gun laws. Plus, black and brown voters demanding a better return on their votes, ensuring Policymakers address systemic racial inequities. 

According to an ABC News Report, Firearm deaths among Black men, at 28-year high, doctors are taking steps to reframe gun violence as one of America’s major health crisis. America Leaders, needs to come to the same conclusion, Gun Violence is a Health Crisis, as is opioids. 

Passage of the following bills into law is a must:  George Floyd Justice Reform Act, John Lewis Voting Rights Act, passage of qualified immunity, and statehood for  DC. These laws must be implemented; while we’re busy figuring out how to collectively reap the benefits of our 1.8 trillion dollars purchase power

Grandmothers , Mothers and Women (GMW),Women of color are more likely than their white counterpart to be shot and killed with firearms. Murder Rate for U.S. Black Women Is 6 Times That of Whites. 

Then we can work toward creating a more equitable society where all individuals have  the opportunity to thrive, regardless of race or background. The topic for my next blog.

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