Grandmother, Mothers,Women 

Saving Our Children

GMW of VA. Our children are more important than guns. We need to let them know, “ We love and, care about them. We have the Power To Protect Them with Our: Vote, Dollars, God and Love.

All 140 seats in Va. General assembly has to be filled this November. Will they put our children first We need a majority in theGeneral Assembly that’s going to legislate on our behalf. Not #45’s MAGA agenda. Whose brand promotes supremacy and is toxic.

Let us remind you to date there have been 225. Mass  shootings.

For grandmothers, mothers and women (GMW) The number of young people losing their lives to gun violence is sobering.

For the parents has lost children to Gun violence this Mother’s Day was extremely difficult, and they are pleading for people to put their guns down. We’re asking legislators to implement sensible gun laws, and ban assault weapons. 

For your info. These are a few of the violent incendencex that occurred  this pant mD weekend.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Albany Police are investigating five shootings. Ten people were shot, including two children.

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) – Eight people were shot in two separate incidents  in Shreveport, LA.

Sunday, according to Chicago police data. There were at least 21 shootings incidents and 27 victims. Six (6 ) people fatally shot and one (1 ) person was stabbed to death.”

A Gunman killed 3 people, wounded Two law enforcement officers, 4 civilians.   The 18 yr old  used 3 firearms and fired shot in 6 houses and 3 vehicles, in Farmington, New Mexico. 

Police Chief Steve Hebbe, “stated the assailant, who was killed by responding officers, used an AR-15-style rifle and two

Under Governor Youngkin’s radical leadership, Virginia Republicans have spent 2023 voting down a range of bills that would have added new restrictions on firearms, including a ban on assault-style weapons, a college campus gun ban and a gun-storage bill.

The Choice is Ours:  GMW will continue to providing you with Facts until, November 7, 2023. Everything we say can be: FACT-CHECKED because, we know what’s true: We Have the power to make a change and protect our children.

On a 6-4 vote, a House Public Safety subcommittee defeated a bill from Democratic Del. Dan Helmer that would have expanded the definition of “assault firearm” and prohibited the import, sale, manufacture, purchase or transport of such these weapons.