DEMOCRATIC ON THE HILL And ALL Democratic Leaders: 

Grandmothers, mothers, women (GMW), we need to see results. We’re staunch Democratic,

some are very active member of Norfolk Democrats, others serving as Precient  captain. We helped turn Virginia blue, got a majority in Congress and made Mr. Biden, President.

I’m referring to the base that revived Mr. Biden’s campaign and made him president. The middle class and the infrastructure bill will not make sure we maintain a majority in Congress, in 2022.

The Voters Rights  Act  Bill  and George Floyd Justice Reform Bill. should be on the tongue of every Democrat concerning the 2022 election. The GOP has been busy; Inacting over 400 voter suppression bills in over 45 states. Without much opposition or counter action from Democrats.

Right now we’re very disheartened with 

our party, because of  ineffectiveness, infighting,  and lack of party unity.  We want you to know, Virginia did not lose the election because the GOP had an agenda that people wanted to follow, It was simply the Democrats turned off so many of their base, Until it was impossible to win without them.

Now we’re bombarded with request for donation such as this: (A representative)“ I’m still alarmingly short of my must-hit End of Month goal. Please chip-in $4 dollars, another (The Oval Office) asking for donations $10 and-up. ( A Senator) asking for donations of $7. and up before midnight.

When the Democrats cater to their base’s core needs, they can easily win any election, because we’ll support you!

The GOP is very vociferous concerning pro life. Why are the Democrats so quiet about Second Amendment rights, especially getting rid of Ak-47, getting a law on the books, giving civilians an opportunity to bring charges against any Civilian seen with an assault weapons, and bringing it across state-lines. would he have had a day in court, being tried by Jury of his peers, where most of the juries looked like him. 

Gun violence is a health issue. Our country is in a crisis; and guns are allowed to be king. So many guns are on our street now, until the police has no idea what type of weapon he will be facing when interacting with the public, but if you’re the right color, you would get consideration before shoot are fired.

The double standard of policing we saw in the Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial was Justice determined by color. If a black 17 year old child was in Rittenhouse’s place, in the same scenario, “Walking toward a group of policeman with an AK 47 around his neck, would he be having a trial in front of a jury of his peers, that mostly look like him?

Now, largely because of the pandemic, opioid abuse — with its terrible human toll — is undeniably a nationwide health emergency that demands strong, comprehensive action. 

The numbers are appalling. The latest figures from researchers at the National Center for Health Statistics show that from April 2020 to April 2021, more than 100,000 people in the United States died of drug overdoses. That’s more than in any previous 12-month period, an average of 275 every day. 

Democrats, you need to, Be more tenacious. I am a Democrat because the NEW GOP,s principles, values, integrity, standing up for nothing, but laying with anything, would make me blow my brains out, if I had to stand behind some of the stuff, they are standing behind.

So Democrats, please stop constantly asking your constituents for more money to accomplish the things, you should have already accomplish. You don’t need more money to do your jobs.  Congress in both houses needs to stop the in-fighting the power-struggles, and think of the American people, and the reason  we sent you to Washington in the first place.

White America, please don’t forget, “when drugs was destroying Urban and black communities, your answers were, “Just say no, and lock them up;” until it came to your neighborhoods and white communities; then it became a health crisis. So please don’t forget what goes around comes around. It’s a pay me now or pay me later, because we all pay, If we don’t work together. This is an open letter to my party the Democrats in particular and the GOP in general. 

Democrats, If your base is being denied easy access to the polls, and you’re doing nothing about it, “You would reap better rewards by channeling your campaign funds into infrastructure and the middle class, and letting the NEW GOP do what  they  do best, shut-up and sell their Souls to the highest bidder, and get a  Congressional Majority in 2022, and strap the infrastructure bill, that you gave priority, over votings rights, justice reform, statehood for DC and the Peoples act. Those item were on your campaign agenda.

Our new governor is anti-CRT, (critical race theory) antiabortion, voter fraud, and too quite about January  sixth.

This statement is for parties on both sides of the aisle, who professes to not be a racist, but your vote says otherwise; and each of you knows who you are. You’re not racist but you have a confederate flag, tag or license plate on your car, and you vote for candidates with white supremacist ideologies.

Norfolk recently you and Virginia Beach were complaining about not being able to get workers, and was contemplating closing down some afterschool centers. Virginia Beach decided they needed to pay those workers more money, which solve their centers staffing problems. Norfolk, don’t you think,”that’s your problem also.” The borders are closed, stopping the illegal immigrants, who was primary in staffing those positions, some of which pays under three dollars an hour, If it’s in the restaurant arena.