Black and White Justice: 

Grandmothers mothers and women (GMW), in general and (GMW) of color in particular: 

This man Jason Pope aka DJ Kidd:  Admits and brags about exposing 693 bodies…All Black Females ages 12-17 to HIV and More. From the late 90’s to 2019

Unequal-Justice, I’m just reading about Jason, there was no public media outcry on Jason, I wonder why?  But the Media loves  R.Kelly.I’m not condoning the behavior of either one. I’m Condemning the application of justice and media coverage.

GMW of color, we must make more Noise about the treatment of our daughter. The damage perpetrated on our young Black princesses by Jason Pope a.k.a. DJ Kidd should have been Broadcast from the mountain tops all across America and the world. We can all ask ourselves,”Would a DJ kidd, of a different race been able to get away with doing the same thing to 693 of our white princesses for over 20 years before finally being put in jail in 2020. Our Justice System has to be reformed and and qualified immunity, (must die)!!!

Texas Just pass a law telling women we have no control over our bodies… Women don’t get pregnant by themselves, the lawmakers are among the providers of the sperm. Now they want us to take whatever they give us, by any means they choose and there’s nothing we can do aboutt. How ridiculous is that?

Then passing a bills outlawing the wearing of masks as a violation of civil rights  (the mast will protect the lives of our Most vulnerable from COVID-19. Also, giving the people of Tx., the right to carry guns in public without a permit, training or background check.

GMW: When Good People look away, evil flourish. We need to come together now, using our God-given and Constitutional Rights and power, to bring common sense, integrity and decency back to governing. 

We are beginning to see abuse of power at a magnitude that we never thought possible under democracy. Texas as become a perfect example of abusing power.


Donald Trump unleash the swamp, and it’s  trying to spread across the country; but GMW, we can’t allow This venom to spread. We have the power to stop it, and if we don’t; we deserve what we get!!!

GMW Donald Trump and our current disasters happens, when some of us choose not to vote for what believe. Now we all can see, how expensive compromising principles and values can be.

🙏With GOD as our leader, Consulor, protector and provider, and us, using our power, we can, and must stop this madness. In the mighty name of Jesus🙏