Starting With The  Twenty (20) GOP Governors:

All except 3 have opted to drink # 45’s cool-aid for his endorsement; For example:

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy accepts Trump endorsement conditioned upon him not endorsing Sen. Murkowski in 2022. Trump’s ally Kristi Noem wins midterm primary in South Dakota.

GMW: We would have to be Blind, Deaf and Stupid, to allow the GOP to have majorities in Governors offices nor Congress. We must ensure America is blue, to recover from the madness the GOP has allowed #45 to get away with, and is still willing to follow him; After watching him, watch January 6, insurrection-treason, for almost three (3) hours without remorse. He’s the worst president this country has ever had. He’s unprecedented in his offensives against this country, and women. listed below are just a few of his infractions against our country.

  1. Charged with espionage
  2. Taking the fifth over 400 times.
  3. Spearheaded January 6 Insurrection.
  4. Roe v. Wade reversal
  5. Impeached twice

The GOP has taken, blind, deaf and stupid to new low, with everything #45 has done, they are still willing to follow him. Their infamous shepherd has lost his way, and the only thing that will save them from themselves will be when: “45 has been convicted with some of the felonies hanging over his head.”

Grandmothers, Mothers and Women (GMW), These are The Governors seats we need, if we want the right to choose what happens with our bodies.

  • 1. Alabama    (R) Kay Ivy                   (D) Yolanda Flowers
  • 2. Alaska        (R)Mike Dunleavy        (D) Les Gara
  • 3. Arizona       (R) Kari Lake               (D) Katie Hobbs
  • 4. Arkansas    (R) Sara H. Sanders   (D) Chris Jones
  • 5. Florida        (R) Ron DeSantis         (D) Charlie Chris
  • 6. Georgia.      (R) Brian Kemp            (D) Stacey Abrams
  • 7. Idaho.          (R) Brad Little *             (D) Stephen Heidt
  • 8. Iowa.           (R) Kim Reynolds       (D) Deidre DeJear
  • 9. Md.              (R) Dan Cox                (D) Wes Mooreyla
  • 10. Mass.     (R) Geoff Diehl              (D) Maura Healey
  • 11. Nebraska     (R) Jim Pillen               (D)Carol Blood
  • 12. NH.               (R) Chris Sununu *         (D) Tom Sherman
  • 13. Ohio             (R) Richard M. DeWine        (D) Nan Whaley
  • 14. Okla              (R) Kevin Stitt                 (D)  Joy Hofmeidter
  • 15. SC.               (R) Henry McMaster         (D) Joe Cunningham
  • 16. SD.               (R) Kristi Noem                       (D)  Jamie Smith
  • 17. Tenn              (R) Bill Lee                     (D)  Jason Martin
  • 18. Tx.                 (R) Gregg Abbott                    (D)  Beto O’ Rourke
  • 19. VT             (R) Phil Scott *                 (D) Brenda Siegel  
  • D) Wyoming       (R) Mark Gordon               (D) Mary Throne

*Three (3) GOP Governors not drinking #45’s Cool-Aid. In their races for governor, we can say may the best man win.

The GOP has decided they’re willing to win by any nefarious methods possible.

Unfortunately, they have won some battles, but will lose the war; The decency, common sense, and integrity of the American people will win the war. 

GMW: AMERICA WILL BE BLUE IN 2022. This we pray in the name of Jesus.?

We’re not forgetting the 10 souls taken by Assault Weapon, in Buffalo New York, nor the 21 souls in Unvale, Texas, which included 19 babies, and all souls taken by those same weapons afterwards.

AMERICA:  If You Don’t Like What’s  Happening In Your Country!!!