Washington Can’t Fix Itself

GMW: It will be so nice if both parties stop playing political games with the sexual scandals coming from Capitol  Hill.  America, we  just have to live with our lack of morals, integrity and principles that allowed us to put Donald Trump in our Oval Office. But we don’t have to allow him to stay, and continually destroy what our country stands for. 15 women accused him of sexual  misconduct,  and a 13 year old girl accused him of rape along with a known pedophile, while so many Americans swallowed their values, looked the other way, and voted for Mr. Trump, along with help from the Russians, and some of the things the democrats fell short on. So in essence, Donald Trump  is America’s  Achilles Heel.

I don’t think Washington, as it stands today, is capable of fixing the watershed. It seems as if we’re at the” tip of the Iceberg, in the swamp cleaning.”  Its almost like asking a fox to watch a hen house. America has to stand up, for our principles and values.

GMW: The mid-term elections of 2018 is our opportunity to correct a serious wrong. to our way of life and values as Americans.


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